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Business Information Systems

Re-preparing a design science research (DSR) paper for publication in 2014: the case of the paper formerly known as "Population targeted arrangement methodology for requirements engineering"

Ken Peffers, University of Nevada Las Vegas

30th Jul 2014  10:00 am - 11:30 am New Law School Annexe SR 344

Abstract: How we re-develop a DSR to meet the expectations for a tier 1 journal in 2014. This paper develops population targeted arrangement methodology (PTAM) for crafting requirements discovery, analysis and negotiation activities to specific user populations. We argue that current requirements development methodologies do not focus on the adaption of RE efforts to particular user populations. PTAM is based on experience in five cases in which the authors targeted specific populations of customers and other users to engage in activities to define functional and feature level requirements for new customer oriented systems. We used four reference theories: personal construct, diffusion of innovation, social actor, and information theories, to enable PTAM’s design. The paper contributes to literature by presenting a methodology that can be useful in the arrangement of population and project specific methods for RE activities in the development of products, software, systems, or service development for targeted user populations.

Bio:Ken Peffers (Phd, Purdue 1991) is Professor of MIS, Lee School of Business, University of Nevada Las Vegas. His research has followed three broad themes: evaluating value and strategy in IT investments, research methodology and practice, and designed requirements engineering methodology, the subject of much of his recent work. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Information Technology Theory & Application, now a publication of the AIS. A theme of his research addressed requirements elicitation problems with hard-to-reach subjects. This led to a study of design science research methodology and to the development of new RE methods. Prof. Peffers's 2007-8 paper in JMIS, "A Design Science Research Methodology for Information Systems Research", has been cited more than any other paper in information systems published since its print date (March 2008).