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International Business

Corporate governance - the Polish perspective

Associate Professor Maria Aluchna, Warsaw School of Economics

6th Sep 2012  12:00 pm - 01:30 pm Room 214/215, H69 - Economics and Business Building

Abstract: The main aim of the class is to present the information and case studies on selected corporate governance issues to provide the understanding of the functioning of control structure that emerged and function worldwide. A crucial part of the class are case studies analyses, discussions and practical examples. Particularly, the global experience of corporate governance is referred to the reality  transition in Central and East European (mostly Poland) when the creation of control mechanisms was the crucial element of the reform agenda as well as the reality of emerging market (the surge of newly funded companies) and the EU accession (the harmonization of law). The Polish experience may be currently referred to reforms in China, Ukraine, Russia and other emerging markets. The class is not only to provide information and develop the understanding on control mechanisms, but aims also at the development of the certain skills such as analytical skills, critical thinking, knowledge integration of different topics, awareness and openness for current initiatives in the economy, understanding of interdependence of social, economic and legal systems both on the national as well as on the international level.

Speaker: Maria Aluchna - associate professor at Department of Management Theory, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. She specializes in corporate governance (ownership structure, board, executive compensation, transition economies) as well as in strategic management. Additionally, she conducts research on corporate social responsibility. She was awarded Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) scholarship for research stay and Universit¿¿t Passau and Polish-American Fulbright Commission scholarship for the research stay at Columbia University. She received Polish Science Foundation award for young researchers (2004, 2005). Recently, within a grant financed by the EU she completed a visiting scholar stay at London Metropolitan Business School. Maria Aluchna teaches "Corporate governance" (both in Polish and English), "Strategic management" (in English) and "Transition in Central and Eastern Europe" (in English). She is the author of a number of articles for national and international journals as well as conference papers. She was serving on two boards, in 2008 she was the editor in chief of Warsaw Stock Exchange portal on corporate governance best practice. Currently, she provides advice for the law firm G¿¿uchowski, Siemi¿¿tkowski i Zwara and conducts research projects for the Capital City of Warsaw.