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International Business

Improving Global Leadership Competencies among Students

Prof Gary Oddou, California State University San Marcos; Prof Joyce Osland, Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center,

30th Oct 2013  12:00 pm - 01:30 pm The Darlington Centre Room #7

Abstract: The presentation will consist of an explanation of what San Jose State University is trying to accomplish through its Global Leadership Assessment Center (GLAC) with respect to students developing global leadership competencies. Assessment instruments used in GLAC will be presented with the focus being on the Global Competency Inventory (GCI). The methodology being used to develop and measure the competencies will be explained and some preliminary results, both anecdotal and empirical, will be shared.

Speaker: Gary Oddou, Ph.D., is professor emeritus from California State University San Marcos. He has taught at institutions in Europe and Asia and has worked and lived in several foreign countries. His primary research is in repatriate knowledge transfer, global leadership, and cross-cultural competencies. He has published widely in these areas and has co-authored several related books or chapters related to global leadership andinternational HR.

Dr. Osland, the Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC), is a specialist in international management with a focus on global leadership, Latin American management, and experiential learning. She has worked and taught extensively in several countries. Current research interests include expert cognition in global leaders, cultural sense making, intercultural competence, and repatriate knowledge transfer. Dr. Osland has over ninety publications and has received both teaching and research awards. She is a former president of the Western Academy of Management.