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Discipline of Marketing

An analytical History of the Growth of Consumption relating this Growth with the Evolution of Democratic Involvement

Professor Dominique Bouchet, University of Southern Denmark

11th Oct 2013  11:00 am - Darlington Centre School Building Room 7

An overview of the relationship between modern consumption and modern society and unveil the morality hidden in the consumption of commodities will be presented. The lecturer will present an analytical history of the growth of consumption's role in human lives and express how the ethics of consumption is inscribed and prescribed in this growth. The contradictions between the ethics of democracy acclaimed in modern thought and the ethics of consumption that came to dominate the practices of everyday life in modernity will be explored. For those who seek and praise marketing efficiency in the market, it might be important to stress that the path of socio-economic development makes it more necessary than ever to have a better understanding of the logic at work in the expansion of Western modern consumption models in order to achieve greater understanding and hopefully greater control.