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Work and Organisational Studies

Capable Capabilities: The Appropriation of E-HR for the Management of Talent

Sharna Wiblen, Work and Organisational Studies, PhD Candidate, 1st Defence of Thesis

26th Feb 2010  03:30 pm - 04:30 pm

The argument that an organisation needs to manage its human capital assets has a long history.  However changes in demographic patterns, the 'war for talent', talent shortages and several other factors have today combined in a manner which further encourages organisation's to identify, recruit, maintain and develop individuals who are deemed 'talent' through talent management policies and processes. The importance of talent management has further prompted senior executives to not only state that "our people are our greatest asset" but to undertake tangible strategic actions that embody these claims. The ability to effectively conduct talent management can benefit from the introduction of technology and the number of organisations that are adopting information technology to support and enhance policies, processes and activities are increasing. This presentation forms part of a thesis defence that addresses the way in which Sharna will seek to explore in-depth the relationship between talent management and E-HR (Electronic Human Resources)