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Work and Organisational Studies

Learning to Navigate Enterprise Bargaining: The NTEU and 'Round One'

Melissa Slee, Work and Organisational Studies, PhD Candidate

26th Mar 2010  12:30 pm - 12:30 pm

Discussant: Associate Professor John O'Brien, University of New South Wales
This research paper is part of a larger project towards a PhD thesis which asks the question: how did the NTEU build the knowledge capital required to respond to the introduction of Enterprise Bargaining to higher education and to negotiate subsequent rounds? This paper takes a slice of the larger project to focus on the formation of the NTEU and 'round one' of enterprise bargaining. The goal is to chart key innovations, their origins and to map the flow of information and identify key individuals and groups engaged in this process. Using the NTEU's archived minutes and memos from this period (1993-95) this paper enlists the insights of activity theorists in the field of knowledge management as a framework to analyse the process by which knowledge has been created and shared in the NTEU. This study is a novel approach to the study of trade union organisation. It contributes to the current union renewal literature by combining traditional approaches to the study of trade unions with the observations of research in the field of knowledge management and social network theory to generate a visual representation of the development of knowledge communities.