What is SMOG?

SMOG stands for Sustainability Management of Organisations Group and is a purposely formalised research group set up to focus on

  • the management of sustainability
  • the evolving meaning of sustainability for organisations
  • social and environmental accounting
  • social, ecological and environmental economics
  • philosophical, geographical and cultural aspects of management in relation to sustainability

Sustainability is both an interdisciplinary subject and an area of developing theory, within which discussion of appropriate methods is also emerging. The SMOG group aims to foster relationships between like minded academics and university professionals with the intent of the identification of common ground for publication and research collaborations.

Who is involved in SMOG?

The group consists of academics across the Faculty. The strength of the Faculty's expertise in this area is reflected by the increasing number of early career researchers and PhD students working in this field. The programs developed will prepare students for the reality of the future, equipping them with an understanding of the social, environmental and economic perspectives required for organisational survival in a global economy.

Strategic issues that the group will address

The group intends to address the following strategic issues:

  • Network (Exchange and Build) - The aim of the network is to enhance and consolidate relationships between researchers in the Faculty and potential users of information and knowledge about organisational sustainability.
  • Collaborate - To further develop relationships with international institutions, such as The University of Bologna, with which the Faculty has a Memorandum of Understanding. International collaborations will provide a global perspective to the group and raise the profile of the faculty internationally. It is envisaged that this will entail (but is not limited to) an exchange of  academics between the two universities.
  • Investigate - To examine theories and methodologies associated with organisational sustainability via discussion and workshops. These may develop  into collaborative research grants.
  • Disseminate - To raise the profile of sustainability and make visible the research expertise in the Faculty to interested parties both within and outside the university.
  • Forecast - To promote discussion about, and signal changes in, sustainability within organisations, in order to detect opportunities for collaborative research.