Generation F: Attract, Engage, Retain

Anna McPhee, Director EOWA

1st Aug 2008  -

The Women+Work Research Group and the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency hosted a seminar and panel discussion on EOWA's recent research report on "Generation F" into what women want from work. Covering issues such as women's ambition, pay equity and women and men's views of the 'boys club' and bullying and harassment, this research debunks many myths about women in the workplace.


Dr Sara Charlesworth, RMIT - Presentation ( 140Kb)

Dr Lyn Craig, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW - Presentation ( 436Kb)

Assoc Prof Marian Baird, University of Sydney - Presentation ( 310Kb)

John Murray, University of Sydney - Presentation ( 43Kb)