Women and Work Research Group

Women, the Global Financial Crisis and Paths to Recovery

The Hon Linda Burney MP; David Richardson; Marie Coleman, The NSW Minister for Women; The Australia Institute; National Foundation of Australian Women

18th Nov 2009  01:00 pm - 03:00 pm The Women's College, 15 Carillon Avenue, University of Sydney

Presented by: The NSW Office for Women's Policy, the NSW Premier's Council for Women and the Women and Work Research Group

Supported by the national women's alliances: WomenSpeak, Australian Women's Coalition, the National Rural Women's Coalition, and Security for Women

This seminar and workshop enabled participants to learn about the findings from the Australia Institute (TAI) research report: 'Impact of the Recession on Women', to hear the views of leading researchers and advocates for women in employment and society, and to have a say about how we can construct a gender sensitive and 'women friendly' path to economic recovery.

Input from the seminar will help inform the work of the NSW Premier's Council for Women in the coming year and will feed into a report to the Federal Government by the National Foundation for Australian Women on behalf of the four national women's alliances as a part of a national consultation process on this issue.

Notes from the event will be available soon.

Speakers included:

  • The NSW Minister for Women, the Hon Linda Burney MP
  • David Richardson, The Australia Institute
  • Marie Coleman, National Foundation of Australian Women
  • Jo Schofield, Catalyst Australia
  • Sue Bellino, Australian Nursing Federation
  • Alison Peters, NCOSS

Chair: Dr Rae Cooper
(University of Sydney and member, NSW Premier's Council for Women)