Future trends in regulatory reform of work-life balance in the UK

Dr Ian Roper

21st Apr 2010 12:30pm Darlington Centre Meeting Room 7

Ian Roper is Principal Lecturer and Director of HRM Studies at Middlesex University, London. He has written on the subject of public service employment relations and on the regulation of work-life balance.

This presentation provided an overview of the development in state interventions aimed at supporting work-life balance rights for employees in the UK. It gave an overview the origins of the 'New Labour' policy framework - which is rooted in the pre-existing policy framework, influenced by the ambiguous relationship with the European Union and presented in a way intended to emphasise a 'business case'. A brief review of the author's previous findings, in relation to the 'business case' rationale, is made before providing an overview of the current position is in relation to employee rights and where the main political parties were on the issue on the eve of a general election.

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