Great expectations: Individuals, Work and Family

Dr John Murray Work, Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney

12th Nov 2010 12:30pm-2:00pm The Darlington Centre, University of Sydney

The seminar will present the findings of Dr Murray's recently completed PhD. It examined the process through which households make decisions about work and family. John identified three groups of men and women at different stages of student and work life: as undergraduates, during the first couple of years of work and about 10 years after graduation. Amongst other issues, he asked them about their plans for combining working life and children. He found that the women in all three samples made career related decisions with the need to combine work and childcare responsibilities in mind. With the men future childcare responsibilities did not enter into career planning at all, only breadwinning. Once they had children, the men faced a conflict between maintaining their image with their employers as committed workers while simultaneously wanting to spend more time at home. John will explore the implications of these findings for gender equity at work and at home.