The Launch of Among the Chosen: the Life Story of Pat Giles by Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty

Lekkie Hopkins; Lynn Roarty

30th Apr 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm The Women's College, 15 Carillon Avenue, University of Sydney

The authors Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty will read from their lively biography of the former ALP Senator, Pat Giles and talk about her life.

Pat Giles was a woman dedicated to improving the lives of the disadvantaged. As an ALP Senator and UN representative under Hawke and Keating, she entered Parliament not as a raw recruit, but as an experienced trade unionist, policy maker, feminist campaigner and grassroots activist. This is the story of a practical and energetic woman whose determination never faltered. It is the story of an activist working from within the established order to effect social change.