Work-Life Balance in a University Environment: a workshop

Professor Marian Baird

11th Nov 2010

Organised collaboratively by the Business and Professional Ethics Group and The Women and Work Research Group in the Business School, University of Sydney.

Work-life balance is a broad concern for the University. The changing demographics; the ageing Workforce, women┬┐s increasing participation, and the cultural diversification of the workforce, highlight the importance of considering work-life balance as a current and future institutional question. The challenges for the University lie in the requirement to create practices for effectively retaining and recruiting staff. To this end, we need to open working opportunities to people with responsibilities outside work, and enable the balancing of the needs of individual staff against the needs of a "unit".

Professor Marian Baird gave an opening address to the workshop outlining key themes and causal links leading to the institutional importance of focussing on work-life balance. The workshop benefited from a diverse panel drawing on the expertise within the University:

  • Antoinette Holt - HR Relationship Manager
  • Mark Easson - Chief Financial Officer
  • Maree Murray - Assistant Director, Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit
  • Greg Patmore - Pro Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Michael Thomson - NTEU Branch President
  • Marian Baird - Professor, Work and organisational studies

Report from the workshop