Economic approaches to investigating the (under)valuation of care work in the Community Services equal remuneration case

Associate Professor Therese Jefferson Curtin Graduate School of Business

10th May 2012 12:30pm-2:00pm Darlington Centre

Therese is an Associate Professor at the Curtin Graduate School of Business and a founding researcher with the Women in Social & Economic Research (WiSER) unit at Curtin University. Her research interests include feminist economics, gendered patterns of work and pay and the broadening of research methods used in labour market investigations. Therese is a visiting academic at the University of Sydney and gratefully acknowledges this this contribution to her current research on the aged care workforce.

Therese's presentation will focus on research she has undertaken (and her colleagues Siobhan Austen and Alison Preston) that compares the methods and analyses of two contrasting economic analyses of gender and pay that were submitted to Fair Work Australia as part of an equal remuneration' case for workers in the social and community services sector. The comparison demonstrates the different theoretical approaches to the analysis of labour exchange implicit in the alternative submissions. The researchers argue that understanding the key assumptions and definitions underlying each type of economic analyses can contribute to an improved comprehension of the different viewpoints on gender pay equity among economists.