Roundtable: Managing in a flexible work environment

Helen Conway, Director, EOWA; Nareen Young, CEO, Diversity Council of Australia; Marian Baird, Director, WWRG; David Wakeley, CEO, AIM NSW & ACT

25th Jul 2012 5:30pm-7:30pm Darlington Centre, University of Sydney

Hosted by the Women and Work Research Group (WWRG), University of Sydney Business School and the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT (AIM). The roundtable focused on:

  • The business case for flexibility: what are the drivers? The benefits? And the pitfalls (for employers and employees)?
  • Mainstreaming workplace flexibility: What can be done to accelerate the process?
  • Assisting managers to manage flexibility: What works well? What are the barriers?

The speakers were:

  • Helen Conway - Director, EOWA
  • Nareen Young - CEO, Diversity Council of Australia
  • Marian Baird - Director, WWRG
  • David Wakeley - CEO, AIM NSW & ACT

At this roundtable, AIM launched a green paper entitled Managing in a Flexible Work Environment.

For more information about this event please see the Business School News Item or contact the Women and Work Research Group.

Download the Green Paper, Managing in a Flexible Work Environment

To comment on the green paper email or fax 02 6273 3212 by 31 August 2012 in order to be considered within the context of AIM's White Paper development.