Couples' employment status and attitudes towards gender roles: A study on 45 European countries

Andreea Constantin University of Cologne

11th Jun 2013 12:00pm-1:30pm Darlington Centre School Bldg Mtg Rm 7

(A light lunch will be provided.)

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While previous studies focused on the effect of female employment on attitudes towards gender roles analysing the separate impact for men and women, this paper takes into account the effect of combined labour market status of people living in couples. Starting from the assumption that gender roles are shaped by interaction between woman and man living in a couple, derived from the symbolic interactionism approach, current analysis investigates how position of both partners on the labour market shapes theirs attitudes towards gender roles. Moreover, we focus on the impact of unemployment of one or both partners on support for gender equality and we take into account the country level of social inequality as moderator variable between partners' position on the labour market and attitudes towards gender roles. We are interested in types of couples depending on partners' position on the labour market. We assume that unemployment, which is an involuntary absence from the labour market, shapes attitudes towards gender roles in a different way as compared to housewifery, which is a voluntarily assumed status.

Andreea Constantin is a visiting PhD student from the University of Cologne.
She is currently working on topics related to attitudes towards gender roles, family-work reconciliation policies, religiosity, research methodology and statistics. Since 2008, Andreea has been a member of the Romanian teams collecting data for World Values Survey and European Values Study.

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