The forty year pursuit of Equal Pay: A Case of Constantly Moving Goal Posts

Professor Jill Rubery

11th Feb 2014 12:00pm-2:00pm Darlington Centre Conference Room

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Progress towards equal pay is elusive. This presentation reviews debates on and prescribed remedies for gender pay equality over the past forty years of equal pay policy. It looks at pay from four perspectives- the economic, the sociological and the institutional and organisational- and explores how and why once an apparent remedy for unequal pay is pursued, the goalposts tend to shift. The argument is made that the difficulties in securing long term progress may be attributed to a number of factors including: the multi-faceted nature of pay as a social phenomenon, the challenge of pursuing social objectives in a rapidly changing and fragmenting environment, the need for political will not technical solutions to achieve redistribution and the potential for gender inequalities to re-emerge in new forms.


Dr Jill Rubery is Professor of Comparative Employment Systems at the Manchester School of Management. She is one of the UK's and Europe's leading labour market scholars and her research, work and publications have covered labour market regulation policies and the role of minimum wages;new forms of work and flexibility;women's employment and women's pay;employers' working-time policies;and international comparative labour market analyses.


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