WWRG Membership and Mailing List

The WWRG provides a range of events to foster discussion on women, gender and work between academics, practitioners, policymakers and others.

We comprise academics and others at the University Sydney Business School and the University Sydney more generally who have an interest in research and policy development regarding women, gender and work.

If you are within the University of Sydney and would like to join the WWRG and receive notification of its events and a (limited) number of other e-mails, please email business.wwrg@sydney.edu.au.

The WWRG also welcomes to many of its events those from other tertiary institutions, human resource practitioners, union officials, policy practitioners, those working for not-for-profit organisations and anyone else with an interest in women, gender and work research.

Join the mailing list and send your full name, organisation name, your position and e-mail.