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Alexandra Middleton

Alexandra Middleton

Alumni Relations Manager

Level 7, G02 - Jane Foss Russell Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Phone: +61 2 9114 1128

The Alumni Relations Manager role, job shared by Kathryn Cowe (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and Alex Middleton (returning from maternity leave at the end of March 2015), is responsible for developing, delivering and managing a comprehensive alumni relations program to support the strategic objectives of the Business School and the University, with priority on mentoring, tracking our graduates and recovering lost alumni.

There are over 53,000 living Business School alumni based in over 100 countries around the world with 70%, or over 37,000, of these contactable alumni. Of these contactable alumni, 60% are based in Australia and 40% internationally, predominantly China.

We distribute alumni newsletter Sydney Business E-Connect to our alumni monthly. Opportunities are available within this e-publication to promote alumni and academic news, and upcoming Business School events. Please contact Kathryn or Alex with suggestions for content.

If you are planning a discipline event, please liaise with us on securing up to date lists of our alumni, and so we may assist you with marketing and communicating event details with our alumni.