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Arpit Raswant

Arpit Raswant

MA Korea; BCom Sydney
PhD Candidate

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Arpit is a PhD candidate in the University of Sydney Business School. His research focuses on the influence of home country environment on the internationalisation of firms. He is the recipient of the University of Sydney International Scholarship (RTP) and the Business School Research Scholarship.

Previously, he has received the Australian Research Council’s ITRH (SRH) Scholarship and the University Postgraduate Award (UOW). He did his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney, followed by the master’s degree with thesis sponsored by the POSCO Asia Fellowship at the Korea University.

Prior to pursuing higher degree research, he worked in various organisations in Australia, India, and South Korea.

Thesis working title

The Impact of Subnational Home Country Factors on Internationalisation of Emerging Market Firms

Arpit’s research focuses on home country factors in the context of international business. This research aims to advance the scholarly debate by exploring the relationship between home country environment and firm’s internationalisation strategy. The findings of this study will have several academic and managerial contributions. The empirical findings could be included in strategy making process by managers in firms that are operating either in emerging markets especially in India, or elsewhere with strategic intent to develop locational linkages and/or inter-firm relationships in emerging markets.

Supervisors: Chinmay Pattnaik, Vikas Kumar