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Demetris Christodoulou

Demetris Christodoulou

BEcon Piraeus; MSc(Fin) York(UK); PhD Athens
Senior Lecturer

Rm 337
H69 - Codrington Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 7815
Fax +61 2 9351 6638


Demetris has a multi-disciplinary profile with training in economics, accounting, finance and statistical computation, with a specialised interest in quantitative data analysis and analytical modelling. Demetris's research addresses the methodological correctness of prominent financial research questions with the ultimate aim of increasing the precision and reliability of inferential decision-making. His work has been applied to equity valuation, modelling the probability distribution of earnings, estimating a long-run equilibrium for the earnings yield, the determination of audit fees and more.

Demetris is the Founding Director (2007) and current General Convenor of the cross-disciplinary research group MEAFA and the co-chair of the annual MEAFA conference that showcases keynotes from renowned international experts. Demetris also has a strong interest in designing advanced research training modules in quantitative analysis for industry, government and academia. These are widely recognised by the research community as state-of-the-art. Demetris has provided research training to hundreds of executives, researchers and higher research degree students, and he is the architect of the bi-annual Professional Development Workshops on Quant Analysis, and self-generates the majority of funds for the MEAFA PhD top-up scholarships.

Demetris received his PhD from Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece) whilst holding a teaching and research fellowship at the University of Wales Bangor (UK) and a four-year research fellowship at the European Commission research network HARMONIA (EU) for investigating the harmonisation of financial reporting across the EU member states. He also held visiting posts at Columbia University (US), the University of Valencia (Spain) and the University of Sussex (UK).


Journal Article/s

Christodoulou D 2017 'Heuristic criteria for selecting an optimal aspect ratio in a two-variable line plot', The Stata Journal, vol.17:2, pp. 279-313 [Link]

Christodoulou D and Sarafidis V 2017 'Regression clustering for panel data models with fixed effects', The Stata Journal, vol.17:2, pp. 314-329 [Link]

Christodoulou D, Ma L and Vasnev A 2017 Forthcoming 'Inference-in-residuals as an estimation method for earnings management', Abacus, vol.53:4

Christodoulou D 2017 Forthcoming 'The accounting identity trap: identification under stock-and-flow rank deficiency', Applied Economics


Journal Article/s

Christodoulou D, Clubb C and McLeay S 2016 'A Structural Accounting Framework for Estimating the Expected Rate of Return on Equity', Abacus, vol.52:1, pp. 176-210 [Link]


Book Section/s

Christodoulou D 2015 'Stata enabling state-of-the-art research in accounting, business, and finance' in Thirty Years with Stata: A Retrospective, ed. Enrique Pinzon, Stata Press, College Station, United States, pp. 63-84 [Link]


Journal Article/s

Christodoulou D and McLeay S 2014 'The Double Entry Constraint, Structural Modeling and Econometric Estimation', Contemporary Accounting Research, vol.31:2, pp. 609-28 [Link]


Journal Article/s

van der Laan S and Christodoulou D 2012 'Audit Fees and Deeds of Cross Guarantee: An Empirical Evaluation', Abacus, vol.48:3, pp. 293-315 [Link]

Huynh T, Christodoulou D and van der Laan S 2012 'Legally-Recognised Group Structures: An Exploratory Analysis', Australian Accounting Review, vol.22:2, pp. 155-76 [Link]


Journal Article/s

Christodoulou D and McLeay S 2009 'Bounded Variation and the Asymmetric Distribution of Scaled Earnings', Accounting and Business Research, vol.39:4, pp. 347-72


Journal Article/s

Grambovas C, Giner B and Christodoulou D 2006 'Earnings conservatism: Panel data evidence from the EU and the US', Abacus, vol.42:3, pp. 354-378

Research Expertise

  • Financial analysis
  • Equity valuation
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Applied econometrics
  • Statistical computation