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Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

BA UNC; MintSec USyd
Casual Tutor

Room 374
H04 - Merewether Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Jennifer earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill where she was captain of the Women's Sabre Fencing team. After university she worked in the IT industry for several years in Baltimore before returning to academia to earn a Master's Degree in International Security from the University of Sydney.

Jennifer's research interests include Energy Security, Political Risk, and Regional (Middle East) studies. Excerpts from her Masters thesis on the impact of oil price volatility on producer states were presented at the Gulf Research Council meeting at Cambridge, and published as a book chapter shortly thereafter.

An American, Jennifer holds a private pilot's license, and is currently studying Arabic. She teaches in the School of Business, United States Studies Centre, and the Department of Government & International Relations.

In 2011, Ms Hunt was a visiting researcher at the Sultan Qaboos University, College of Commerce and Economics in Muscat, Oman. She also attended the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda meeting in Abu Dhabi in October 2011 and completed intensive Arabic language study at the Qasid Institute in Amman, Jordan.

Thesis (working) title

Transition & Stability in the Gulf: A Case Study of Oman

Thesis (working) abstract/description

As the regional centre of oil supplies, states in the Gulf have relied on hydrocarbon income "rents" for some decades to fund an extensive social contract which facilitates the exchange of political representation for economic benefits. This research investigates the contestation of the social contract, the metaphorical ties that bind citizen to state, and its rentier-style manifestation. Using a case study of a severely understudied member of the region, Oman, it examines progress in maintaining social and political stability in light of changing economic and political imperatives.


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