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Kai Riemer

Kai Riemer

PD Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Wirt. Inform.
Associate Professor; Chair of BIS

Rm 385
H04 - Merewether Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 9053
Fax +61 2 9351 7294


Kai joined the University of Sydney in August 2009 from Munster University in Germany, where he held a position as Assistant  Professor. He received his Diploma in Information Systems  (Dipl. Wirt-Inform.) and his Ph.D. from Münster University, Germany, where he  also recently finished his Postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation). Kai has held  visiting positions with the Department of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne (in 2003) and Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin (in 2004).

His research interests cover the areas of e-Collaboration, inter-firm networking, virtual work, social impact of ICTs, and E-Commerce. In one current research stream he focuses on the application and use of communication media and collaborative systems and their impact and effect on groups and people in virtual work contexts (e.g. virtual teams, distributed  projects). In doing so, he developed a method for team communication analysis  supporting media selection. Another area of interest is concerned with the concept  of the virtual organisation (VO). A prospective area for future research is the exploration of collaborative business process modelling practices.

Kai has been involved in a number of successful grant applications both for research projects (funded by the European Commission) as well as for industry collaboration projects (e.g. projects with Deutsche Bahn or Daimler AG).

Kai's  community contributions include: Guest editor of a Special Issue of the  E-Markets Journal on E-Collaboration; Guest editor of a special issue of the International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC) on Real-time Communication and distributed work; Associate Editor of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS); Editorial Board member of the International Journal of eCollaboration (IJeC); and Member of IFIP working group 8.2.

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Research Expertise

  • Enterprise Social Media (Adoption and Benefits)
  • Digital Disruption
  • eCollaboration: Communication and Collaboration Technologies
  • Virtual Teams and Virtual Organisations
  • Media selection & media choice
  • Qualitative & participatory research methods

Recent Units Taught


In this talk Kai contrasts the dominant tool view of technology, which sees technology as a solution for a problem, that has a distinct purpose and serves a need.

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Associate Professor Kai Riemer and Senior lecturer Kristine Dery from the University of Sydney Business School talk about capitalising on digital disruption.

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Dr Kai Riemer talks about why the decision to invest in the NBN (National Broadband Network) will yield long term value for the Australian economy.

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Dr Kai Reimer's Keynote speech at the CIO Strategy Summit on 28 August 2012. The talk draws heavily on Dr Reimer's research on ESN in organisations (in particular Yammer).

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Dr Kai Riemer talks about the emerging use of social media within workplaces.

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