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Lusheng Shao

PhD Student

Research Center
H69 - Economics and Business Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Thesis Topic: Supply bidding under demand uncertainty

Thesis Description: Demand uncertainty increases the risks for both suppliers and buyer. To deal with this risk nowadays, suppliers may offer different types of supply contracts, such as supply options and buy back mechanisms. We are interested in the situations under which many suppliers compete with each other on the supply of homogeneous products to the buyer for a variety of types of supply contracts. Several questions promote us further to conduct research on the particular area: (1) Is there a equilibrium for the suppliers to bid under different cost structures for production? (2) What is the optimal contract design for the buyer? (3) What is the impact of contract types on the supply chain's performance? Our interdisciplinary research topics involve economics, marketing as well as operations management.

Professor Eddie Anderson is the principle supervisor and Dr Erick Li is the associate supervisor.

Research Interests

  • Supply Bidding
  • Operations Management Interfaces