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Margaret Jekanyika Matanda

Margaret Jekanyika Matanda

Ph.D (Monash University) MBA (West Virginia University)
Associate Professor

Rm 4023
H70 - Abercrombie Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 8627 4467


Associate Professor Margaret Jekanyika Matanda holds a PhD from Monash University and an MBA from West Virginia University (USA). Before joining Monash Margaret was the Director of the Masters Program in the Department of Marketing at Monash University. Her research and supervision is in marketing strategy, business-to-business branding, supply chain management, food distribution and retailing. She has published articles in international journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, International Business Review, Journal of Small Business Management & Journal of Chain and Network Science. Margaret has been a Junior Fulbright Fellow, British Commonwealth Fellow as well as a Kellogg Fellow. Before becoming an academic she worked as a development consultant and executive trainer on entrepreneurship development, marketing strategy, supply chain management, food retailing and distribution analysis in both developed and developing countries for organisations such as USAID, UNICEF, Kellogg and Ford Foundations.


Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

Beverland M, Ewing M and Matanda M 2006 'Driving-Market and Market-Driven? A Case study Analysis of the New Product Development Practices of Chinese Business-to-Business Firms', Industrial Marketing Management, vol.35:3, pp. 383–93 [Link]

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