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Maria Rumyantseva

Maria Rumyantseva

PhD University of St.Gallen

Rm 4223
H70 - Abercrombie Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 8627 6338


Maria is a Lecturer and an Early Career Development Fellow in Innovation at the University of Sydney Business School.

She has a longstanding interest in how research is commercialised with a special focus on commercialisation of science-based, new-to-market inventions. Recently, she has been working on large-scale research projects analysing the commercialisation processes of Australian high-tech start-ups, including cleantech, and the impact of CSIRO spinouts on the Australian innovation ecosystem.

She is currently teaching the ‘Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ foundation unit of the Master of Commerce Program.

Maria has several years of practical experience, having worked for a major international bank in London.

Research Interests

Maria investigates how research is commercialised with a special focus on commercialisation of science-based, new-to-market inventions. She uses longitudinal process-based methodology to demonstrate how qualitative research can contribute to discovering new evidence and critically revisiting established theories. Maria’s current research interests include:

  • Commercialisation of new-to-market inventions: Maria has contributed to the large-scale longitudinal study of Australian small and medium size high-tech companies, funded by Merck & Co., Inc. This study included over 100 interviews with managers and stakeholders of 25 start-up companies and allowed her to closely follow commercialisation efforts of companies in Australia’s most innovative industries, including renewable energy, biotechnology and information and communication technology.
  • Analysis of the innovation ecosystems:  Maria’s engagement in the project conducted with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), a study co-funded by the University of Sydney and CSIRO, was centred on the analysis of the strategies and impact of spinoffs formed to commercialise technologies developed in CSIRO. This investigation resulted in mapping of the Australian innovation ecosystem formed around several generations of CSIRO spinoffs.
  • Assessment of the Australian competitiveness in the international markets: Maria’s role in producing the first ‘Australia’s International Business Survey Report’ in 2014, enabled her to work closely with several Australian Government agencies, including the Export Council of Australia, the Australian Trade Commission and Export Finance and Insurance Corporation. The success and wide readership of the survey, presented in March 2014 to the Australian Government in Canberra, made it an important publication at the Discipline of International Business.
  • Longitudinal process-based methodology: trained as an economist, Maria specialises in qualitative research methodologies and has published on the topic in e.g. the Journal of Organizational Research Methods.


Journal Article/s

Welch C, Rumyantseva M and Hewerdine L 2016 'Using Case Research to Reconstruct Concepts: A Methodology and Illustration', Organizational Research Methods, vol.19:1, pp. 111-30 [Link]


Journal Article/s

Hewerdine LJ, Rumyantseva M and Welch C 2014 'Resource scavenging : Another dimension of the internationalisation pattern of high-tech SMEs', International Marketing Review, vol.31:3, pp. 237-258 [Link]


Gray SJ, Rumyantseva M, Seno-Alday S and Welch C 2014 'Australia’s International Business Survey: 2014 Report', Export Council of Australia [Link]


Conference Paper/s

Hewerdine L, Rumyantseva M and Welch C 2013 'Does Speed Matter? The Internationalisation of High-Tech SMEs Reconsidered', Academy of International Business Annual Meeting AIB 2013 – “Bridging the Divide: Linking IB to Complementary Disciplines and Practice”, Istanbul, Turkey, 6th July 2013


Conference Paper/s

Rumyantseva M and Seymour RG 2012 'Where Innovation Fails: The Role of Externalities', Academy of Management Annual Meeting AOM 2012 - “The Informal Economy”, Boston, United States, 7th August 2012


Conference Paper/s

Welch C, Hewerdine L and Rumyantseva M 2011 'Resource Scavenging: Another Dimension of the Internationalisation Pattern of High-Tech SMEs', 37th European International Business Academy Annual Conference EIBA 2011 - "Taking International Business to the Next Level – Emerging Issues, Strategies and Economies", Bucharest, Romania, 10th December 2011

Rumyantseva M, Seymour RG and Ormiston J 2011 'Reorganising Energy Markets: Green Technologies & Commercialisation in Australia', 27th European Group for Organizational Studies EGOS Colloquium 2011 - "Reassembling Organizations", Gothenburg, Sweden, 9th July 2011


Seymour RG, Ormiston J and Rumyantseva M 2011 'Chapter 2: Australia', 38th Session of the WPSMEE 18-19 April 2011, Paris, France - Working Party on SMEs and Entrepreneurship (WPSMEE): SME Innovation and Intellectual Asset Management in Creative and Selected Manufacturing and Services Industries - Final Report

Recent Units Taught

  • IBUS5002 Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    2017: S2,

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