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Mark Tippett

Photo of Mark Tippett

B.Com (Newcastle, NSW) ; Ph.D (Edinburgh), CA
Honorary Professor

H69 - Codrington Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Mark has consistently published at an outstanding level, including several articles in 'A' ranked international Accounting and Finance journals. He has an affinity to the types of market-based accounting measurement proposals currently being considered by international accounting standards setters, the IASB and the FASB. He also has links to mathematical-based accounting and finance academics. He is a scholar who, through sustained research, has gained a deserved international reputation. As well as being a prolific researcher, Mark Tippett has contributed at the highest level with academics and leading practitioners to ensure that the accounting curriculum taught at Universities in both the UK and Australia retains maximum relevance. He has a sustained record of mentoring PhD and staff in those institutions.

Selected publications


Journal Articles

Docherty P, Dong Y, Song X, and Tippett M (2018) The Feller Diffusion, Filter Rules and Abnormal Stock Returns European Journal of Finance, 24 (5), 426-438. [More Information]

Van der Burg J, Song X, and Tippett M (2018) A hyperbolic model of optimal cash balances European Journal of Finance, In Press.


Journal Articles

Chen M, Ma D, Song X, and Tippett M (2017) Negative real interest rates European Journal of Finance, 23 (15), 1447-1467. [More Information]

Ehalaiye D, Tippett M, and van Zijl T (2017) The predictive value of bank fair values Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 41, 111-127. [More Information]

Song X, Tippett M, and Vivian A (2017) Assessing abnormal returns: the case of Chinese M&A acquiring firms Research in International Business and Finance, 42, 191-207. [More Information]


Journal Article

Guo Q, Rhys H, Song X, and Tippett M (2016) The Friedman rule and inflation targeting European Journal of Finance, 22 (14), 1414-1434. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Davidson I, Song X, and Tippett M (2015) Time Varying Costs of Capital and the Expected Present Value of Future Cash Flows European Journal of Finance, 21 (2), 129-146. [More Information]

Herath H, Richardson A, Roubi R, and Tippett M (2015) Non-linear Equity Valuation: An Empirical Analysis Abacus, 51 (1), 86-115. [More Information]


Journal Article

Dong Y, Hamilton R, and Tippett M (2014) Cost Efficiency of the Chinese Banking Sector: A Comparison of Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Data Envelopment Analysis Economic Modelling, 36, 298-308. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Song X, and Tippett M (2014) The Law and Regulation of Chinese Mergers and Acquisitions: The Takeover Measures Financial markets: recent developments, emerging practices and future prospects; Nova Science Publishers, Inc, New York, 153-171.


Journal Article

Davidson I, Guo Q, Song X, and Tippett M (2012) Constructing Asset Pricing Models with Specific Factor Loadings Abacus, 48 (2), 199-213. [More Information]


Davidson I, and Tippett M (2012) Principles of Equity Valuation; Routledge, Abingdon. [More Information]


Journal Article

Ataullah A, Song X, and Tippett M (2011) A modified Corrado test for assessing abnormal security returns European Journal of Finance, 17 (7), 589-601. [More Information]


Journal Article

Higson A, Yoshikatsu S, and Tippett M (2010) Organization size and the optimal investment in cash IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 21 (1), 27-38. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Ataullah A, Davidson I, and Tippett M (2009) A Wave Function for Stock Market Returns Physica A, 388 (4), 455-461. [More Information]

Ataullah A, Rhys H, and Tippett M (2009) Non-linear equity valuation Accounting and Business Research, 39 (1), 57-73.

Davidson I, Shinozawa Y, and Tippett M (2009) Capital Project Analysis When Cash Flows Evolve as a Continuous Time Branching Process Abacus, 45 (1), 44-65. [More Information]


Journal Article

Tippett M, Herbert I, and Shinozawa Y (2008) Profitability, Balance Sheet Data, Real Options and the Valuation of Equity Journal of Financial Transformation, 22 (1), 195-201.


Journal Articles

Ataullah A, and Tippett M (2007) Equity prices as a simple harmonic oscillator with noise Physica A, 382 (2), 557-564. [More Information]

Ataullah A, Higson A, and Tippett M (2007) The Distributional Properties of the Debt to Equity Ratio: Some Implications for Empirical Research Abacus, 43 (2), 111-135. [More Information]

Higson A, Shinozawa Y, and Tippett M (2007) IAS 29 and the Cost of Holding Money under Hyperinflationary Conditions Accounting and Business Research, 37 (2), 97-121.


Journal Articles

Ashton D, and Tippett M (2006) Mean Reversion and the Distribution of United Kingdom Stock Index Returns Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 33 (9/10), 1586-1609.

Ataullah A, Higson A, and Tippett M (2006) Real (Adaptation) Options and the Valuation of Equity: Some Empirical Evidence Abacus, 42 (2), 236-265.

Tippett M, and Wright B (2006) The Teaching of Transfer Pricing: Theory and Examples Journal of Accounting Education, 24 (4), 173-196.


Journal Articles

Ashton D, Lim C, Tippett M, and Wright B (2005) Binomial basis for linear information dynamics: real options, dividends and the valuation of equity Accounting and Finance, 45 (3), 323-350. [More Information]

Wright B, and Tippett M (2005) Commentary on: ‘The Long Road to Publishing: A User friendly Expose’ Accounting Education, 14 (2), 185-188.