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Michele Scoufis

Michele Scoufis

Associate Professor, Director

Room 390
H44 - 118 Darlington Road
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 7090
Fax +61 2 9351 6620


Michele Scoufis is an Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching in Business in the University of Sydney Business School. She has a first class honours degree in Psychology from Sydney University and a Master in Clinical Psychology from UNSW.

Michele has lectured in clinical and organisational psychology and human resource management for over 20 years. During that time she was awarded a Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, a national grant 'Critical thinking: Unmasking the process' and multiple grants related to support for non-English speaking background students in developing academic literacy. In 2004 she was awarded the National AUTC award for Enhancement of the Quality of Teaching and Learning - a staff centred approach to enhancing learning and teaching at UNSW.

In the same year Michele was one of three Australians invited to participate in the CASTL Carnegie Institute Research University Cluster. From this experience developed successful initiatives to better recognise teaching in promotion, probation and other related activities at UNSW.

One of the outcomes of Michele's work has been the collaborative development of Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching. These guidelines were developed with the then PVC (Academic) at UNSW, Professor Adrian Lee together with colleagues across UNSW. They can be accessed at

Michele has a particular concern to enhance both the experience of teaching and the student experience. In 2006 she was awarded a $200,000 National grant to develop and implement a pilot program of external peer review of teaching. Also in 2006, she co-led the National Sessional Teaching Staff Project and in 2007 was a team leader for a Carrick National Institutional Leadership project that focused on the role of Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching.

In 2007 Michele developed a successful national submission for $200,000 for UNSW to build on its previous support in learning and teaching initiatives.

Currently Michele is engaged in institutional projects to support first year unit coordinators as leaders in learning and teaching.



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