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Nigel Harris

Nigel Harris

BSc Durham PhD Newcastle
Adjunct Lecturer in Railway Planning and Operations

H73 - 378 Abercrombie Street
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Nigel is amongst Britain's leading railway planners, with a reputation based initially on technical advances in fares policy research (at Newcastle University) and network modelling (during eight years at London Underground). In addition, he has expertise in service planning, operational simulation, demand forecasting, scheme appraisal and railway business planning, which gives him one of the best understandings in the country of practical railway economics. Since 1995, he has managed The Railway Consultancy, and has undertaken projects on every continent except Antarctica. He has co-authored/edited key texts on 'The Privatisation of British Rail' and on both Planning Passenger Railways and Planning Freight Railways, as well as having published over 50 other papers. He is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Newcastle and Birmingham, and has made presentations to a wide variety of groups ranging from railway union representatives to international conferences in Europe and North America.