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Robert Morley

Robert Morley

B.Bus. UTS, B.Des.Arch. USYD, M.Arch. USYD; CA
Associate Lecturer

Room 328
H69 - Codrington Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 8627 1126


Rob Morley joined The University of Sydney as an Associate Lecturer in 2015, having held teaching related roles at The University and at UNSW over a number of years, where he taught auditing and financial accounting. With a background as an accountant and a graduate architect, Rob’s interest is focused on the property development industry, particularly the interaction between finance/accounting and design related professionals, and the effect these interactions have on design, and on accounting.

Rob holds degrees in business and architecture, and prior to his academic career was a senior manager with PwC in London, where he specialised in banking and capital markets. He also worked with Macquarie Bank in accounting and project management related roles.

In 2014 Rob was recipient of the Wayne Lonergan award for outstanding teaching (early career) for use of visual learning techniques and student feedback. Rob is currently working on initiatives linking his teaching with the business community and the accounting profession, to help students apply learnings to real life situations.

Rob contributes to Consult Australia’s FutureNet Business Leaders Program for the engineering profession, on the value of finance. He is a Chartered Accountant and former Secretary of the Australian Architecture Association.

Research Interests

Rob’s research interests are focussed on the property development industry, in particular the interaction of property economics and architectural design. With a background as a Chartered Accountant and Graduate Architect, crossing both sides of this interaction, he is interested in the ways economic information, as measured and reported by accounting processes, influences architectural aesthetics during the design process.

Rob is currently completing his PhD through an ethnographic study within a property development organization. He is embedded within a team of project managers, observing the interactions between the various professionals involved in the development, design and construction processes. These processes are complex and multi-dimensional.

This long field-based research project is led by Prof. John Roberts and Assoc. Prof. Jane Andrew and is informed by the theoretical work of Bruno Latour. By developing an understanding of the various actors’ role in changes to the design of a building over time, obtained through observations and interviews during the design process, Rob’s research is attempting to explain the effect actors have on aesthetics.

In conducting his research, Rob is actively engaged with the property development industry and the architectural and accounting professions.


Magazine Article/s

Morley R 2012 'Sydney raises the bar', Artichoke, vol.38, pp. 112-3

Selected grants


Recent Units Taught

  • ACCT6007 Contemporary Issues in Auditing

    2017: S1, S2,
    2016: S1, S2,


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