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Sabine Ludewig

Sabine Ludewig

BA(Ed); Dipl.Pad (Hildesheim); PhD (Sydney)

Sabine Ludewig tutors in the Discipline of Work and Organizational Studies in the University of Sydney Business School. She is also lecturer in the Project Management Program in the Faculty of Engineering, where she is responsible for the development and coordination of ‘Critical and Systems Thinking’, one of the major core units in the program. Sabine’s doctoral thesis is a hermeneutical inquiry into the construction of knowledge and meaning within the broader field of the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. She feels passionate about teaching and has taken on various coordination and leadership roles in the design and delivery of large culturally diverse post and under graduate units. She is a multiple Dean’s Citation recipient for Excellence in Teaching in the Business School and in 2012 her achievements received national recognition by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) for ‘outstanding contribution to student learning’. Sabine has also worked in various advisory and management roles in small and large organizations and industries in Europe, Australia and the US. Her current research interests include critical systems thinking, academic literacy, blended learning and student internationalization. Sabine has presented at a number of international conferences and continues to publish in these areas.

Research Expertise

  • Critical theoy
  • Critical thinking
  • Epistemology and hermeneutics
  • Organisational communication
  • Critical literacy for non-English speaking background students