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Shumi Akhtar

Shumi Akhtar

Senior Lecturer

Rm 422
H69 - Economics and Business Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 9309


Dr M. Shumi Akhtar is Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Sydney. She holds Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Philosophy, Master of Higher Education and PhD degrees from the Australian National University.

Dr Akhtar's research interests are broad, and include Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Welfare/Retirement/Superannuation/Pension systems, Risk Management, Capital Markets, Market Efficiency, Liquidity, Behavioural Finance, Financial Systems and Higher Education. Her research publications have appeared in leading international and Australian peer-reviewed journals. Dr Akhtar has received a number of competitive external research grants, with total funding in excess of 1.7 million dollars. She currently holds an ARC DECRA Fellowship. She is an active researcher and presents her work regularly at international and Australian conferences including the American Finance Association Conference. A number of her research papers received local and international prestigious awards. She has engaged in invited research visits to several top US Universities, including Harvard, MIT and Stanford among others.

Dr Akhtar has a broad teaching portfolio encompassing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She also supervises honours, Masters and PhD students. She has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and also the "Top Supervisor" Award.



Conference Paper/s

Akhtar S, Jahromi M, John K and Moise C 2014 'Intensity of volatility linkages in Islamic and Conventional Markets', Cambridge Business & Economics Conference CBEC 2014, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2nd July 2014

Akhtar S 2014 'Dividend Payout Determinants for Australian Multinational and Domestic Corporations', 21st Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society, Prague, Czech Republic, 2nd July 2014


Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

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Journal Article/s

Akhtar S and Oliver B 2009 'Determinants of Capital Structure for Japanese Multinational and Domestic Corporations', International Review of Finance, vol.9:1-2, pp. 1-26


Journal Article/s

Akhtar S 2005 'The Comparison of Capital Structure Determinants of Multinational and Domestic Corporations in Australia', Australian Journal of Management, vol.30:2, pp. 321-41