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Tony Webber

Tony Webber

B.Ec. (Hons); PhD
Associate Professor

Rm 4229
H70 - Abercrombie Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 9103


Tony has over two decades of work experience across the entire spectrum of broad vocation groups, including academia, the corporate sector, the Government sector and private consulting. As an academic, he has spent over a decade teaching at local and overseas universities in the areas of macroeconomics, microeconomics, quantitative economics and econometrics. He has taught at all levels of tertiary education, including undergraduate, honours and PhD levels. Notably, his extensive corporate and consulting experience has allowed him to apply the tools he has developed as an academic to the real-world - with significant success.

Tony was the Chief Economist of the Qantas Group for almost four years, and was General Manager of Economics at Qantas for three years prior to this. He developed the fuel and foreign exchange hedging framework that the airline continues to use, saving the airlines millions of dollars on financial instruments. After Qantas, Tony started his own consulting practise and has developed a reputation as the leading aviation and tourism economist in Australia. He is regularly interviewed on the topic of aviation and tourism by ABC 24 News, Sky News, Bloomberg, the free to air channels and radio stations. He has also worked as a private consultant to some of Australia's leading companies.

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Associate Professor Tony Webber discusses the drivers impacting airline fuel consumption.

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