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Ulku Yuksel

Ulku Yuksel

BA MU. MCom ( Hons) ITU. PhD MU. GradCertEdStud ( Higher Education) USYD.
Senior Lecturer

Rm 513
H69 - Economics and Business Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9036 6107
Fax +61 2 9351 6732


Ulku has made the move from industry to an academic career after a 13-year-long professional business career in the international services sector. Her substantial industrial experience and positions as Director of Sales, Marketing and Consultant in the hospitality, advertising, and financial services industries, with two giant corporations of these sectors, Citibank Corporate HQs and Kempinski-Lufthansa, framed the basis of the context of her research interests. Ulku's research revolves around the application of consumer marketing concepts in various contexts; including services marketing, international business and cross-cultural consumer behaviour. Specifically, she investigates the effects of culture and  psychological pressure on decision-making of managers and consumers, as they confront risk and cost of their decisions. Consumption and managerial decision-making under various risk perceptions, such as various types and degrees of stress and uncertainty; anti-consumption and political marketing (e.g., boycott behaviour) are the sub-areas she investigates within this concept. Her recent research explores consumers' evaluations as the consequences of their decisions affect their multi-faceted selves, such as the personal self, collective self (in-group), impersonal self (anonymity), and others (out-group). Her research focuses on answering the following questions: (1) How do consumers/managers perceive stimulus and stress and react to information for their decision on action versus inaction? (2) How do consumers evaluate the fairness of and react to marketing strategy and manufacturing tactics? (e.g., boycotts)? (3) When and how does culture affect these constructs? Ulku uses experiments to collect data, although she also makes use of mixed methodologies when the research question necessitates.

Ulku's research is useful for marketers, managers and social policy makers as they try to understand the effects of culture, environmental uncertainty and turbulence, and perceived stress on consumer or managerial decision making.

Research Expertise

  • Cross cultural consumer behaviour
  • Culture and consumption
  • International marketing

Recent Units Taught