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William Harvey

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BA(Hons) Durham; MPhil; Ph.D Cambridge
Honorary Associate Professor’

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

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Will Harvey's research focuses on three areas. First, on how reputation is built and sustained within professional service firms. In particular, he is analysing how stakeholders judge quality and reputation within professional service firms in multiple country contexts. Second, on the mobility, economic impact and social networks of highly skilled migrants. Specifically, he is focusing on British, Indian and Chinese professionals working in a range of economic sectors across different countries. Third, on some of the methodological, fieldwork and practical challenges with interviewing elite business professionals.

Will has published in a range of journals in business and management, sociology, geography and industrial relations including: Journal of Management Development, Work and Occupations, Employee Relations, Population, Space and Place, Qualitative Research, Global Networks, Asian Population Studies and Geoforum.

Will is an Associate Fellow in the Centre for Corporate Reputation at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Selected publications


Journal Articles

Harvey W, Groutsis D, and Van Den Broek D (2018) Intermediaries and destination country reputation: Explaining flows of skilled migration Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 44 (4), 644-662. [More Information]

Mitchell V, and Harvey W (2018) How preferable and possible is management research-led teaching impact? Management Learning, 49 (3), 363-373. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Harvey W, Morris T, and Muller Santos M (2017) Reputation and identity conflict in management consulting Human Relations, 70 (1), 92-118. [More Information]

Harvey W, Tourky M, Knight E, and Kitchen P (2017) Lens or Prism? How organisations sustain multiple and competing reputations European Journal of Marketing, 51 (4), 821-844. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Harvey W, and Beaverstock J (2017) Diverging Experiences of Work and Social Networks Abroad: Highly-Skilled British Migrants in Singapore, Vancouver, and Boston Rethinking International Skilled Migration; Routledge, Abingdon, 268-292. [More Information]


Journal Article

Van Den Broek D, Harvey W, and Groutsis D (2016) Commercial migration intermediaries and the segmentation of skilled migrant employment Work, Employment and Society, 30 (3), 523-534. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Finlayson D, and Harvey W (2016) The Importance of Followership and Reputation in an HR Consulting Firm Followership in Action: Cases and Commentaries; Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, 91-97.


Journal Articles

Groutsis D, Van Den Broek D, and Harvey W (2015) Transformations in Network Governance: The Case of Migration Intermediaries Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 41 (10), 1558-1576. [More Information]

Harvey W, and Groutsis D (2015) Reputation and talent mobility in the Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 53 (1), 22-40. [More Information]

Knight E, and Harvey W (2015) Managing exploration and exploitation paradoxes in creative organisations Management Decision, 53 (4), 809-827. [More Information]

Book Chapters

Harvey W, and Mitchell V (2015) Marketing and Reputation within Professional Service Firms The Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms; Oxford University Press, Oxford, 279-303.

Mitchell V, and Harvey W (2015) Corporate Brand: Professional service firms Corporate Branding: Areas, arenas and approaches; Routledge, Abingdon, United Kingdom, 130-148. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Harvey W (2014) Winning the global talent war: A policy perspective Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, 5 (1), 62-74. [More Information]

Harvey W, Parry S, and Vorbach P (2014) Managing Leadership and Cultural Change at Beak and Johnston: A Work in Progress Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 33 (6), 43-50. [More Information]


Ozbilgin M, Groutsis D, and Harvey W (2014) International Human Resources Management; Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Book Chapters

Harvey W (2014) Defining and connecting CSR, reputation, image, identity, brand, legitimacy, status and diversity Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management: A Diversity Perspective; Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 31-50. [More Information]

Ozbilgin M, Groutsis D, and Harvey W (2014) Introduction: A Multilevel Approach to International Human Resource Management International Human Resources Management; Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1-5.

Ozbilgin M, Groutsis D, and Harvey W (2014) Conclusion International Human Resources Management; Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 236-243.


Journal Article

Harvey W (2013) Victory can be yours in the global war for talent: Social factors and lifestyle help to attract top employees Human Resource Management International Digest, 21 (1), 37-40. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Harvey W (2012) Labour market experiences of skilled British migrants in Vancouver Employee Relations: the international journal, 34 (6), 658-669. [More Information]

Harvey W (2012) Brain circulation to the UK? Knowledge and investment flows from highly skilled British expatriates in Vancouver Journal of Management Development, 31 (2), 173-186. [More Information]

Harvey W, and Groutsis D (2012) Skilled migrants in the Middle East: definitions, mobility and integration International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 8 (4), 438-453. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Harvey W, and Morris T (2012) A Labor of Love? Understanding the Influence of Corporate Reputation in the Labor Market The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation; Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 341-360.


Journal Articles

Harvey W (2011) Strategies for conducting elite interviews Qualitative Research, 11 (4), 431-441. [More Information]

Harvey W (2011) British and Indian Scientists Moving to the United States Work and Occupations, 38 (1), 68-100. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Harvey W (2011) Immigration and Emigration Decisions Among Highly Skilled British Expatriates in Vancouver Global Knowledge Work: Diversity and Relational Perspectives; Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, United Kingdom, 33-56.


Journal Article

Harvey W (2010) Methodological approaches for interviewing elites Geography Compass, 4 (3), 193-205. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Harvey W (2010) Immigration and emigration decisions among highly skilled British expatriates in Vancouver 7th Pan-European International Relations (SGIR) Conference 2010.

Harvey W, and Morris T (2010) A Labour of Love? Understanding Reputation Formation in the Labour Market Reputation Symposium 2010; Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, Oxford, United Kingdom.


Journal Article

Harvey W (2009) British and Indian Scientists in Boston Considering Returning to their Home Countries Population, Space and Place, 15 (6), 493-508. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Harvey W (2009) Highly skilled British expatriates moving to Vancouver Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) Annual International Conference 2009; Royal Geographical Society, United Kingdom.

Harvey W (2009) Highly Skilled British expatriates moving to and finding work around Vancouver 11th National Metropolis Conference 2009; Prairie Metropolis Centre, Canada.


Journal Articles

Harvey W (2008) Strong or weak ties? British and Indian expatriate scientists finding jobs in Boston Global Networks, 8 (4), 453-473. [More Information]

Harvey W (2008) The social networks of British and Indian expatriate scientists in Boston Geoforum, 39 (5), 1756-1765. [More Information]

Harvey W (2008) Brain Circulation? British and Indian scientists in Boston, Massachusetts, USA Asian Population Studies, 4 (3), 293-309. [More Information]


Conference Proceedings

Harvey W (2007) The importance of social networks for regional economic development Royal Geographical Society Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) Annual International Conference 2007; Royal Geographical Society, United KIngdom.

Harvey W (2007) British and Indian social networks: the story of Boston's biopharmaceutical industry AAG 2007 Annual Meeting; Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC.


Conference Proceeding

Harvey W (2006) Getting jobs: British experiences in biopharmaceutical companies Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, London 30th August – 1st September 2006, UK.

Seminar Paper

Harvey W (2006) British and Indian exodus from Boston: the biopharmaceutical industry's future? Regional Studies Annual Conference 2006, United Kingdom.

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