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Summer and Winter School

Summer School

Most Faculties at the University offer units of study during January. As the University uses all of its HECS quota in first and second semester, these units are full fee-paying and entirely voluntary.

Summer School units enable students to accelerate their award course progress, make up for a failed unit or fit in a unit which otherwise would not suit their timetables. New students may also gain a head start by completing requisite subjects before they commence their award courses. Units are offered in three sessions and run for up to six weeks (followed by an examination week).

Notice of the units of study, which sessions they are offered in; and how to enrol can be obtained from the Summer School web site.

Winter School

The University of Sydney also offers a Winter School program of study each year during July.

Winter School offers both undergraduate and postgraduate units of study. These units are taught in an intensive mode within a three week period.

Classes are held over three weeks beginning on the first Monday in July. Winter School may involve weekend classes and some units may have assessments due in August.

Due to the intensive study requirement, applications for enrolment in Winter School are restricted to one unit of study only.

Notice of the units of study and how to enrol can be obtained from the Summer School web site.

International students

If you intend to complete your studies in Summer / Winter School you may be required to extend your Visa in order to complete your studies and receive your final marks and graduation information (including completion letters).

Please check with the International Student Office for information regarding the extention of your Visa.