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Alicia Hill

Alicia Hill

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) majoring in Finance, Economics and Commercial Transactions

Honours thesis topic: Inside the Insider: the impact of insider trading around takeover announcements.

"What I enjoyed most about my honours year is finishing. No seriously it was about applying what I had learnt theoretically over the three years of my degree.

With the benefit of hindsight, the aspects of the honours year that have helped me in my job and career development are the way people interpret the fact that you have completed a thesis, that is it tells employers and potential employers of how your mind works, particularly your ability to assess and evaluate a complex hypothesis and develop a conclusion.

Someone gave me advice when I was deciding whether to complete my thesis and that was "don't bother doing it unless you are aiming for a First Class Honours", at the time I thought this person was crazy but in hindsight I would have to agree with them."