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Inspired by Business Program

Our Inspired by Business program is designed to recognise and support talented high school students to achieve their full potential through access to university education.

The overall aim of the University of Sydney Business School is to identify talent and provide the conditions and opportunities to allow that talent to flourish.

The traditional mechanisms used to identify students of potential were not comprehensive enough, and carried the risk of overlooking some extraordinary young people.

To address this, we have committed to enhancing our talent selection process.

The Inspired by Business program opens our doors to young people of high intelligence, integrity and potential who were not previously visible to us.

About the program

Each year, we will admit a number of students to the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Studies) through the Inspired by Business program. Each of these students will receive financial support valued at $10,000 per year for the three years of their degree, comprising of E12 and Inspired by Business scholarship funding.

Through the application process, school principals have the opportunity to recommend talented students for potential admission and support.


Students will require a minimum ATAR of 85.00 for a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Studies), coupled with demonstrated academic potential.

However, we recognise the ATAR alone does not measure someone's full personal and academic potential. That's why we use a range of additional criteria to assess students for the Inspired by Business Program, including:

  • demonstrated interest in studying and pursuing a business-related career
  • academic achievement in high school
  • potential and motivation for higher study
  • integrity of character
  • leadership skills and contributions to the community.

The selection process

Step 1: Application

Students can apply via the E12 portal. School principals will also be asked to support these students through the application process.

To apply, visit Early Offer Year 12 site.

Step 2: Initial assessment

The University of Sydney Business School will assess each application and contact selected students to schedule an interview.

Step 3: Interview

An interview panel will meet with each student and ask them about their high school academic and community experience, their interest in business and university study, and their career plans or aspirations.

Step 4: Conditional offer

Applicants who have been successful through the interview process will receive a conditional offer.

Step 5: Firm offer

Conditional offer applicants who achieve the minimum ATAR score will receive a firm offer during the main round offers.

Support services

The Business School is committed to providing a full range of support services to ensure you settle confidently into university life, and can translate your high potential into high performance.

As a student admitted under the Inspired by Business program, the following services will be available to you on an ongoing basis.

Academic advice and pastoral support

Before enrolling in the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Studies), you will be given pastoral support to help you with access to university services such as housing, orientation and mentoring programs.

You will also be offered academic advice on choosing subjects, enrolling in bridging courses and starting classes. You will be assigned a student and academic mentor throughout your first year of study, and will continue to receive regular support throughout your time at university.

Financial support

The E12 scholarship is valued at $5,000 for the first year only. In addition, the Business School will provide financial support to the value of $10,000 per year through the Inspired By Business Scholarship for the three years of the Bachelor of Commerce degree or four years of a Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Studies).

The Business School makes available funding for additional relevant activities that you may wish to access, such as training, support or course-related activities such as business competitions and leadership conferences. You will be able to apply for these funds on an as-needed basis.

Community networks and business projects

The Business School is building capacity by working with our corporate partners and other organisations to develop opportunities for students. An example is our Industry Placement Program which continues to attract the support of respected global companies such as Commonwealth Bank, PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and others.

Opportunities for industry mentoring is also available to you when you reach your second year.

Careers and employment advice and opportunities

The Business School's Careers and Employability Office (CEO) is a dedicated careers service for Business School students. CEO staff will contact each student admitted under the Inspired by Business program midway through first semester to offer a personalised career-planning session.

These sessions aim to make you aware of career options you may not otherwise have considered, discuss opportunities for industry placement and help you see the link between what you're studying and your career beyond university.

You will be able to access these sessions and the many other services offered by the CEO throughout your studies.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at: