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Jakarta skyline

Business Professional Practicum in Indonesia


The University of Sydney Business School, has partnered with BINUS University in Indonesia to offer a unique program in Jakarta for our undergraduate students. The program incorporates a 4 week internship in Jakarta and a 2 week study program at BINUS University over the summer vacation (8th January – 16th February 2018).

The University of Sydney Business School’s 6-week Business Professional Practicum in Indonesia will allow students to develop their academic, social, cultural, and professional skills to position them well for a global career. The program is designed to give students a comprehensive experience that goes well beyond the internship itself.

All internships are in Jakarta, the dynamic capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is the lively social, cultural, economic and political hub of the nation, carrying legacy of more than 30 years of uninterrupted economic expansion. All internships in Jakarta will be conducted in English, so no previous knowledge of Indonesian language is required.

There will be Government funded financial support and Business School scholarships awarded under merit criteria. Please refer to the Fees web page for further information.