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Business Professional Practicum in Indonesia

Unit of study

Students will be enrolled in BUSS2340 Global Immersion - administered by the Business School. This unit is compulsory for all students accepted into the program.

This unit is an immersion program that allow students to work on real world issues faced by organisations, governments and markets. Students apply their business knowledge to understand, recommend and reflect on issues and challenges cognisant of the global dynamics within which they work. Students are expected to apply their cultural competence, research and collaborative skills as well as their critical thinking in completing projects of strategic, social or operational importance to industries, or various types of organisations.

In addition, students will be enrolled in the ASEAN Business Experience unit (non-credit bearing) at BINUS University. The course describes, explains and analyses how to do business with ASEAN countries, and will prepare students for their internship experience.  Starting off with examining the ASEAN Economic Community free trade block, it then goes onto describing the issues of each of the ten individual ASEAN countries from a political, demographic and economic point of view. This analysis will include how to analyse country risk.  The course also covers cross cultural and globalisation issues affecting trade with these countries.