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Completing your Cadetship at the University of Sydney Business School

Offering classes in blocks on a particular day of the week, high achieving cadets are able to access all that the University of Sydney Business School has to offer alongside their professional development with their employer.

Designed in consultation with industry leaders, graduate recruiters, current students and alumni, the highly relevant and professional Bachelor of Commerce program places a strong emphasis on the key aspects of business and the practical knowledge needed by professionals to thrive in today's global business market.

Studying the theoretical underpinnings of modern business practice will allow you to make more considered and better informed decisions in your current and future workplace roles. It combines theory with practice to teach you how businesses operate and provides you with the analytical and technical skills to apply your knowledge to address real-world issues as informed business professionals.

Exposure to other talented students seeking to succeed in the business world will also broaden your professional networks, to the strategic benefit of your current and future career.

As a cadet you'll have full access to the wide range of Business School support services established to assist you in your academic, professional and personal development. You'll also have access to the Business School's Careers and Employability Office, a business-specific career support service.

As your cadetship will encompass both work and study, the timetable for cadetship students is tailored to ensure that you meet both your academic and employment requirements. The Bachelor of Commerce is available on a part-time basis for students with one of the following majors:

A range of evening classes in core units of study and other units in these majors are provided for cadets. Units of study for other majors are generally taught in business hours and it may not be possible for cadets to complete other majors or major combinations.

Cadets must register to ensure access to evening classes and other services. Cadets are required to prepare/revise their degree plan at the beginning of each semester.

Please direct any enquiries about study arrangements for cadets to the Work Integrated Learning.

Register as a cadet

Depending on the requirements of individual cadetships, students are enrolled to complete majors within areas such as accounting, finance, and commercial law. Studying the Bachelor of Commerce at our Business School will provide your cadets networking opportunities with other high achieving students who are seeking to succeed in the business world.

We offer a range of support services to assist our students, such as mentoring and workshops to ensure a smooth transition to tertiary study, and peer-assisted study sessions for students who want to improve their academic performance. Other support services are also available throughout the Business School to aid students with their individual & employment needs.

To learn more about how we can work with you to develop your cadets contact our Careers and Employer Relations Office.