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Non-Award and Cross-Institutional Study

Non-award and cross-institutional study is available to students who are not seeking an award from the University and wish to enrol in either a single or several units of study offered by the University of Sydney Business School.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate units of study are available to non-award and cross-institutional students, however, pre-requisites may apply.

For cross-institutional study, please note that permission from your home institution is required for enrolment. To gain approval to complete a unit of study by cross-institutional study, you may need to submit unit of study descriptions from the current University of Sydney Business School Undergraduate Handbook or Postgraduate Handbook. You should also check that the unit of study is offered in the semester you wish to study.

Applications for Non-award and Cross-Institutional Study

Students wishing to complete either non-award or cross-institutional study must complete an online application. Please select the appropriate link below to access these applications and the associated information regarding non-award and cross-institutional study through the University of Sydney Business School.

Non-award study

Cross-institutional study