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2017 RARE projects

Enterprise Location Project focus

Waltja Cultural Place

Alice Springs, NT

Waltja Cultural Place is an Aboriginal eco-tourism enterprise that offers cultural learning for travellers and business professionals. RARE students were engaged to develop a business plan to improve operations, marketing communications and sustainable activities to create a community connected and sustainable offering to the public.

Yaegl Cultural Arts Enterprise Hub

Yamba, NSW

The Yaegl Cultural Hub exists to foster and support enterprise development in Yamba in order to address the extreme economic exclusion experienced by Indigenous people, and to enable non-Indigenous Australians to connect with and share in Aboriginal culture. RARE students worked alongside the Yaegl Aboriginal elders and local entrepreneurs to develop a start-up plan that could guide the strategic and financial direction of the cultural hub.

Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council

Mogo, NSW

Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) holds and manages lands on behalf of the Mogo community. The LALC identified an economic opportunity to use existing rural land and develop a solar farm, to generate income that can be used to provide housing, health and education to the community. RARE students developed a feasibility study that explores the environmental, social (job creation) and economic (costs and potential revenue) outcomes of these activities.