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Cultural Competence Resources

With the assistance of the National Centre of Cultural Competence, the RARE Program has curated well-cited and respected references that cover a range of both general and contextually relevant resources to aide in cultulral competence training.

Upon completion, you should have a better understanding of Australia’s colonisation and its ignorance of and impacts on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.   The below resources are a mix of film, articles, books, case studies, and documentaries.

National Centre for Cultural Competence, University of Sydney

Film & TV


  • Why Warriors Lay Down and Die by Richard Trudgen
  • Paddy’s Road: Life Storeis of Patrick Dodson by Kevin Keefe
  • The Other Side of the Frontier: Aboriginal Resistance to European Invasion of Australia by Henry Reynolds
  • Why Weren’t We Told: A Personal Search for Truth About Our History by Henry Reynolds