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Research Scholarships

Supplementary Scholarships

  • The Business School offers generous supplementary scholarships for students who secure APA/UPA and IPRS/UsydIS scholarships.
  • Candidates who secure an APA/UPA will be automatically awarded a $10K supplementary scholarship. This is for APA/UPA awardees only. The APA/UPA is currently paid at the rate of $26,288 per annum (2016 rate) based on this rate, candidates would receive a total of $36,288 per annum.
  • Candidates who secure an IPRS/UsydIS are currently paid at the rate of $26,288 per annum (2016 rate). This amount may be topped up for outstanding candidates by the Business School to $32,000 per annum.

APA/UPAs (domestic candidates)

Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) are Commonwealth Government scholarships awarded to students of exceptional research potential to undertake a higher degree by research at an Australian university. The scholarships are provided to assist with general living costs. University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA) are also available and they are similar to the APA in terms of tenure and benefits. Eligible APA applicants are automatically considered for these awards. The University awards these scholarships twice a year - applications for Round One open in September and applications for Round Two open in May of each year.

Round One is for admission to research period 1 or 2, i.e. January to March, in the following year, and Round Two is for admission to research period 3 or 4, i.e. July to October, of the same calendar year.

You will need to apply for admission to a postgraduate research degree prior to submitting your APA/UPA application. You will be required to provide your SID (Student Identification Number) in your APA/UPA application.

You’ll need to keep an eye on this website for the exact dates:

IPRS/UsydIS (international candidates)

The International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) scheme is funded by the Australian Government and provides tuition fees to top quality international postgraduate students who wish to enrol in a research degree at Australian universities. Applications are assessed on academic merit and research potential. In addition to the IPRS, the University of Sydney awards an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) to IPRS holders. The APA provides a stipend/living allowance to all IPRS recipients.

International candidates need to apply for scholarships much further in advance.

  • 31 July of the previous year (for March commencement)
  • 15 December of the previous year (for July commencement)

More information is available at:

If you are eligible we ask that you apply for an APA/UPA (domestic candidates) or IPRS/UsydIS (international candidates) by the specified deadlines.

Partnered Research Scholarships


MEAFA "Top-Up" PhD Research Scholarship

Candidates must be awarded a primary University of Sydney or Business School Scholarship in the first instance. The MEAFA top-up to the maximum of $40,005 total (primary plus top-up) per annum.

Domestic or International full-time candidates enrolling in the Business School PhD program are eligible to apply. Candidates must have interest in working in financial analysis using advanced quantitative research methods in statistics, econometrics or operations management. Visit the MEAFA website for further information.

The deadline for application is 30th November for studies commencing in the first semester, and 30th May for studies commencing in the second semester.

Accounting Foundation “Top Up" PhD Research Scholarship

Candidates must be awarded a primary University of Sydney or Business School Scholarship in the first instance. The Accounting Foundation top-up is valued at $15,000 (top-up only) per annum.

Domestic or International full-time candidates enrolling in the Business School PhD program are eligible to apply. Candidates must conduct research in accounting, with supervision from the Discipline of Accounting at The University of Sydney. Visit Accounting Foundation for further information about the Accounting Foundation.

The deadline for application is 30th November for studies commencing in research period 2, and 30th May for studies commencing in research period 3.”

Finance and Accounting

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) Scholarship

PhD students applying to the Business School, particularly if they are studying finance or accounting, may apply for a CMCRC scholarship of up to $50,000 per year. However, special conditions apply to these scholarships. Details can be found at (students should consult this website before directing enquiries to the Business School staff). Note successful international candidates may also be considered for a Fee Award that covers tuition fees.

Business School (Industry-Supported) Partnered PhD Scholarship Program

The University of Sydney Business School is committed to cultivating and nurturing our connections with industry, both in Australia and overseas. We aim to increase industry engagement in research training programs by facilitating collaborative PhD scholarships between industry partners and the University of Sydney Business School. We consider these connections as strategic partnerships for industry; an important way to invest in the education of the business leaders of tomorrow.

How does the Partnered Scholarship Program work?

Under a Partnered Scholarship the student will receive the same funding as other Business School HDR scholarships. If an academic secures a commitment by an industry partner to support a PhD stipend, then the School/University will meet the first 2/3 per annum for the cost of the scholarship, with the partner providing the remaining 1/3 per annum (these amounts will be based on the current Business School Research Scholarship rate). Any increase in the scholarship amount during the period of the student’s enrolment will be met by the School. Once funding is secured, the scholarship is advertised and students are invited to apply for the Partnered Scholarship via the Higher Degree by Research program at the School.

What are the benefits to participants?

Industry Partners are able to engage in a low-risk, financially attractive option for involvement with the university research program. They develop a named scholarship which is advertised and promoted and are the beneficiary of research outputs. The University of Sydney Business School has the opportunity to build industry connections and increase the pool of scholarship money (which facilities attracting higher quality students). The Higher degree Research candidate receives an attractive scholarship package, works on a highly relevant topic (supported by both academia and industry) and develops industry connections during and after the PhD.

A University of Sydney Business School Partnered Research Scholarship is an ideal way for industry to utilise independent research to find solutions for long term challenges. This type of relationship provides the partner industries with answers that are based on solid methodology and innovative, peer reviewed, research. Candidates work under the supervision of their academic mentors and has input from senior academics throughout. Through working with an industry partner, PhD candidates are able to gain valuable industry specific experience and a network of industry contacts. Such relationships will benefit the student whether they move into the corporate world or forge an academic career.

Current opportunities

Rich Data Corporation and University of Sydney Business School PhD Scholarship

The University of Sydney Business School and Rich Data Corporation (RDC) are in collaboration offering a PhD scholarship to work on a joint PhD project in financial research. The candidate will be based in the Discipline of Finance within the University of Sydney Business School. The finance discipline is internationally recognised for its innovative business education, industry engagement, and high-impact research. Our graduates are sought after by some of the premier investment banks, fund managers and securities brokers in the world.

Read more for further information

Business School Research Scholarships

The Business School is funding a stipend valued at $32,000, open to domestic and international (tuition fees covered) students. Tuition Fee Award only scholarships are also available for international students who have secured stipend funding elsewhere. Commencing candidates must have formally applied for a place in the degree program (MPhil or PhD) by the closing dates (31st October 2016). Applicants will not be awarded a scholarship unless an offer to study in the program is also made. If a candidate is a continuing student time spent in the program will be deducted from the three year duration of the award. Applicants must not hold any other type of Scholarship when applying for Business School Scholarships. Further Details and How to Apply


Domestic and International PhD & MPhil candidates enrolled full time. Continuing full time candidates can also apply up until the third year of candidature.


Available for a period of up to 3 years with a possible 6 month extension.


$32,000 per annum paid as a stipend. Note successful international candidates may also be considered for a Fee Award that covers tuition fees.

Application Dates:

There are two application rounds a year, one in May and one in October. This page will be updated with a link to the scholarship application page when the funding rounds open.

*Full eligibility criteria is available from the Coordinator HDR Training.

Further information on University Scholarships can be viewed at the following websites:

Business School Fee Award Scholarships

For international HDR candidates

Fee Award Scholarships cover tuition fees for outstanding international candidates eligible for entry to either the PhD or MPhil. The awards are open to commencing candidates, not continuing students. The duration of a Fee Award Scholarship is 3 years for a PhD student (and 18 months for an MPhil student) with the possibility to apply for a 6 month extension subject to satisfactory progress. Where a Fee Award is given for a student entering as an MPhil student, the award will be extended for a further 18 months if the candidate is successful in transferring to a PhD, and is able to demonstrate stipend support for the whole period.

Fee Award Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and are limited by budget constraints.

Applications can be made during the two Business School Research Scholarship funding rounds in May and October. We ask that applicants please mark on their application that they wish to be considered for a Fee Award only if they have stipend support elsewhere, otherwise all International candidates will be considered for both a stipend and a Fee Award.

Out of round Fee Award Scholarship applications will also be considered throughout the year for outstanding international candidates who have secured stipend or project funding (i.e. ARC) support. Information on how to apply for an Out of round Fee Award Scholarship is detailed here.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Recipients of this Award must meet the academic entry requirement to a PhD or MPhil and have completed the formal application process. Entry requirements are available on the website at
  2. Evidence of stipend support for the candidate for at least $25,400 per annum for the duration of the candidature (3 years for a PhD student). Evidence required will consist of:
    1. Confirmation of award of an industry partnered scholarship (or similar); or
    2. Letter confirming award of a grant (ARC or similar); or
    3. Award of a Business School stipend scholarship; or
    4. A letter from the Chair of Discipline that explicitly states how the stipend support will be made up (this letter will be regarded as a guarantee that funds are available and have been allocated by the discipline).

Note: Guarantees of family income will not be acceptable to meeting the requirement for stipend support.

Conditions of Award

  • Fee Awards cannot be deferred if the candidate is unable to commence in the Research Period for which they formally applied for candidature.
  • Candidates holding fee awards must maintain satisfactory progress assessed by:
    • Satisfactory completion of Thesis Proposal Defence
    • Achieving a distinction average in coursework
    • Maintaining satisfactory progress at the Annual Progress Review.
  • The Fee Award will be terminated if the candidate withdraws. The award will be also be terminated if the candidate has not carried out the course of study with competence and diligence, or in accordance with their offer of admission, or is guilty of serious academic misconduct. In addition the Business School reserves the right to terminate the award if it judges that the candidate’s progress is unsatisfactory, or in the event of inappropriate conduct.
  • Fee Awards can be extended for an additional 6 months after three years where the student is on track to complete in this period.
  • The scholarship holder must be enrolled full time in the Business School.
  • Candidates may engage in up to 15 hours a week of paid employment, with the approval of their supervisor.
  • The Scholarship holder is expected to devote at least 40 hours per week to research.

Application Process

Application for Fee Awards must be initiated by the proposed candidate’s academic supervisor. Applications will be considered throughout the year for outstanding international candidates who have secured stipend support. Documents required are:

  • Detailed statement of support from the academic supervisor(s) highlighting the research expertise the applicant brings to the project and providing details of communications with the candidate.
  • Copies of all academic transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae highlighting relevant work and research experience and any other pertinent details related to the area of research (e.g. details of published journal articles).
  • Brief outline detailing proposed research project.
  • Evidence of stipend support as listed above.
  • Statement of support from the discipline Postgraduate Research Coordinator.

All the listed documents should be forwarded to the Research Unit; Sophia Davidson Gluyas for dissemination to the Fee Awards Committee.