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Research Scholarships

Business School Research Scholarships


Domestic and International PhD & MPhil candidates enrolled full time. Continuing full time candidates can also apply up until the third year of candidature.


Available for a period of up to 3 years with a possible 6 month extension.


$30,000 per annum paid as a stipend. Note successful international candidates may also be considered for a Fee Award that covers tuition fees.

Application Dates:

There are two application rounds a year. For application dates, visit the calendar of important dates.

*Full eligibility criteria is available from the Research Student Program Manager.

All students must apply for a University Scholarship in the first instance, should your application be unsuccessful then you will automatically be considered for a Business School Scholarship.

Further information on University Scholarships can be viewed at the following websites:

If you are not eligible to apply for a University Scholarship in the first instance you may submit an application directly to the Business School Research Unit.

Scholarship Extension Request

For University scholarships extension requests please visit the University of Sydney Research Scholarship webpage.

For Business School scholarships candidates should check the letter of award to ensure they are eligible for a scholarship extension. If so, the request for an extension should be lodged six weeks (but not earlier than ten weeks) prior to end of the scholarship.

The candidate should forward a letter, addressed to the Director of Doctoral Studies, formally requesting the extension listing the reason(s) for the request. The letter should include the candidate’s full name, student number, scholarship type and student email address. The request must be supported in writing by the supervisor and Postgraduate Research Coordinator. If the supervisor and Coordinator is the same person, only one endorsement is required. The support should state that the candidate’s progress has been satisfactory and that the reasons for requesting an extension are genuine and related to research.

If the Supervisor and the Postgraduate Research Coordinator wish to clarify certain issues, or consider that progress is not entirely satisfactory but nevertheless wish to support an extension, then the supervisor should write a more detailed letter stating why the extension is justified. This letter should be endorsed by the Postgraduate Research Coordinator and attached to the candidate's request for extension.

Once the request plus discipline support is obtained by the candidate the documents should be forwarded to the Research Unit for processing.

Further information

Further information on the Business School Scholarships can be obtained from Maryann van de Wetering, Research Student Program Manager, The University of Sydney Business School, on (02) 9351 3086, email:

Partnered Research Scholarships


MEAFA "Top-Up" PhD Research Scholarship

Candidates must be awarded a primary University of Sydney or Business School Scholarship in the first instance. The MEAFA top-up to the maximum of $40,005 total (primary plus top-up) per annum.

Domestic or International full-time candidates enrolling in the Business School PhD program are eligible to apply. Candidates must have interest in working in financial analysis using advanced quantitative research methods in statistics, econometrics or operations management. Visit the MEAFA website for further information.

The deadline for application is 30th November for studies commencing in the first semester, and 30th May for studies commencing in the second semester.

Finance and Accounting

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) Scholarship

PhD students applying to the Business School, particularly if they are studying finance or accounting, may apply for a CMCRC scholarship of up to $50,000 per year. However, special conditions apply to these scholarships. Details can be found at (students should consult this website before directing enquiries to the Business School staff). Note successful international candidates may also be considered for a Fee Award that covers tuition fees.