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Research Scholarships

Business School Research Scholarships

The Business School offers 4-year scholarships for incoming students. The scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a stipend of $35,000 per annum for living costs. In addition to this stipend, scholarship recipients will have an opportunity to receive an additional amount, normally at least $10,000 per annum, in return for carrying out specific teaching duties. Details of these teaching duties will be given at the time of the scholarship offer.


Full-time domestic and international PhD and MPhil applicants.

How to apply

To be considered for a scholarship, submit an online application for course candidature. Indicate where prompted that you wish to be considered for the Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship. Consideration for the Business School Research Scholarship will be automatic. Applications must be submitted by 30th September 2018.

Business School (Industry-Supported) Partnered PhD Scholarship Program

The University of Sydney Business School is committed to cultivating and nurturing our connections with industry, both in Australia and overseas. We aim to increase industry engagement in research training programs by facilitating collaborative PhD scholarships between industry partners and the University of Sydney Business School. We consider these connections as strategic partnerships for industry; an important way to invest in the education of the business leaders of tomorrow.

Members of industry interested in developing a scholarship with the University of Sydney Business School please email Ben Breeds for more information

How does the Partnered Scholarship Program work?

Under a Partnered Scholarship the student will receive the same funding as other Business School HDR scholarships. If an academic secures a commitment by an industry partner to support a PhD stipend, then the School/University will meet the first 2/3 per annum for the cost of the scholarship, with the partner providing the remaining 1/3 per annum (these amounts will be based on the current Business School Research Scholarship rate). Any increase in the scholarship amount during the period of the student’s enrolment will be met by the School. Once funding is secured, the scholarship is advertised and students are invited to apply for the Partnered Scholarship via the Higher Degree by Research program at the School.

What are the benefits to participants?

Industry Partners are able to engage in a low-risk, financially attractive option for involvement with the university research program. They develop a named scholarship which is advertised and promoted and are the beneficiary of research outputs. The University of Sydney Business School has the opportunity to build industry connections and increase the pool of scholarship money (which facilities attracting higher quality students). The Higher degree Research candidate receives an attractive scholarship package, works on a highly relevant topic (supported by both academia and industry) and develops industry connections during and after the PhD.

A University of Sydney Business School Partnered Research Scholarship is an ideal way for industry to utilise independent research to find solutions for long term challenges. This type of relationship provides the partner industries with answers that are based on solid methodology and innovative, peer reviewed, research. Candidates work under the supervision of their academic mentors and has input from senior academics throughout. Through working with an industry partner, PhD candidates are able to gain valuable industry specific experience and a network of industry contacts. Such relationships will benefit the student whether they move into the corporate world or forge an academic career.

Supplementary Scholarships

All students who secure an Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship will be awarded a top up to a total of $35,000 per annum.

If you are eligible, we ask that you apply for an RTP Stipend (domestic students), or RTP Stipend and Fee Offset (international students), by the specified deadlines.

More information is available on the Scholarships Office website.