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Independent Study Abroad

Independent Study Abroad is an opportunity to study abroad in circumstances when a student is not eligible to participate in the exchange program. This is usually due to time or credit point restrictions, or if you would like to study at an institution that does not have an exchange agreement with the University of Sydney.

The most common use of independent study abroad is to participate in short-term programs during our Summer/Winter school periods.

Independent Study Abroad provides many of the same benefits of the Exchange program, helping you to stand out from other graduates and to develop the skills that you can’t develop in the classroom.

The main distinction between Independent Study Abroad and International Student Exchange is in how you can fund the experience. As you must pay your fees directly to the institution you are visiting, it is not possible to defer them via HECS-Help or FEE-Help (although you may still be eligible for OS-Help). This means that you need to be able to fund your trip independently.

How can we help?

Planning support

The Business School Exchange Coordinator, located in the Staff and Student Services office is available to help you plan your degree and to make sure that your progression plan can accommodate a semester of overseas study. Due to the necessity of meeting our eligibility requirements, students should do this early in their degree.

Choosing a destination

The Business School Exchange Coordinator can also provide assistance by helping you choose a destination. Many Summer/Winter school sessions are approved in advanced, which makes it easier to incorporate credit for these studies into your degree.