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Paris Placement Program

Frequently Asked Questions?


Who can apply?

Undergraduate students enrolled in a Business School degree (or combined Business School degree) may apply, with all majors being eligible.

Postgraduate students enrolled a Master of Commerce are eligible to apply.

A minimum credit average and the equivalent of 48 credit points of business related units completed by the time the program commences are also required.

Are there any prerequisites to apply?

You must have completed 48 credit points of business related units, with a credit average mark of 65 minimum by the time the Industry Placement Program commences. Previous work experience is not compulsory but it is considered favourably.

I am an international student - am I eligible to apply?

International students can apply but should be aware that they may require a visa depending on the student's Country of Citizenship. International students should refer to the Embassy of France for further information before applying for the program.

Can I participate in more than one Industry Placement Program?

No. If you have completed any of the Industry Placement Programs previously, you are unable to participate in a second Industry Placement Program. You may want to consider applying for other Work-Integrated Learning opportunities offered by the Business School.

When do applications open and close?

Applications open at 9am on 7th March and close at 12pm midday on 16th March 2018. You will then be invited to participate in an online, recorded interview which must be completed by 11:59pm on 19th March 2018.

Are only high academic achievers accepted into the program?

No. A sound academic understanding of business reflected by a credit average or higher is only one element of a successful candidate.

To be successful in your application to the program you must also be able to demonstrate proficiency in a range of other attributes including sound business communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, business acumen, a proactive attitude and a willingness to learn and be involved.

To ensure your application conveys the above information we strongly recommend you utilise the resources and knowledge of the Business School Careers and Employability Office.

Can I receive credit for previous internships/work experience?

No. The placement component of the program is designed to run concurrently with the unit of study. Both the placement and the unit must be completed at the same time.

Application process

How do I apply?

The application is a 2-step process: an online application and an online, recorded interview. All applications are accepted via the online platform Sonia. Applications will open at 9am on 7th March and close at 12pm midday on 16th March 2018. You will then be invited to participate in an online interview which must be completed by 11:59pm on 19th March 2018.

What documents do I need to prepare to apply?

You will need to attach to your online application:

  • A copy of your resume
  • A copy of your academic transcript downloaded from Sydney Student
  • An image of your passport identification page.

When is the deadline for all applications?

The application deadline is by 12pm midday on Thursday 16th March 2018. Applicants are strongly urged to submit applications without delay to avoid disappointment. Late submissions will not be accepted.

When will I be notified if my application is successful?

All applicants will be notified if they have been successful in progressing to the assessment centre by close of business on 27th March 2018.

Is there a limit to the number of students who will be accepted?

The number of students accepted into the program is determined by how many places are available in conjunction with suitable matches of student specialisations.

Can I apply for more than one program?

Yes - on the application form you are able to select more than one program but you must be available to participate in any program you apply for. If successful, you will be matched to the most appropriate host organisation during the relevant program sessions.

Assessment centres

Do all applicants participate in an assessment centre?

No – students who are shortlisted from online applications and interviews will be invited to attend an assessment centre, which is the next step in the application process.

What type of activities will I do in the assessment centre?

The assessment centre will consist of a written task and a group activity. We recommend that you do some research and utilise the resources and knowledge of the Business School Careers and Employability Office to prepare for the assessment centre.

How should I dress for the assessment centre?

It is expected that you dress professionally as you would if attending an interview.

What happens if I can’t make the assessment centre?

Assessment centre dates are available on the Local and International pages of the Industry Placement Program website. If you are unavailable during these dates you will not be eligible to apply for the program and should consider applying the following semester.

If you are unable to attend the assessment centre you have been allocated, you must inform the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator immediately who will try where possible to arrange an alternative date.

What happens if I am late for the assessment centre?

We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the assessment centre. Due to the nature of the activities if you arrive late you will not be allowed to participate.

About the program

What are the benefits of participating in the Paris Placement Program?

If selected as a participant you will:

  • Gain invaluable international experience
  • Learn about the intricacies of European business and culture
  • Network with business leaders, government officials and students from all over the world
  • Receive credit towards your degree
  • Complement your studies through a professional placement in a top organisation.

Who organises the program?

The Business School will manage the administration of the program.

Do I get to pick my units of study?

All successful students will enrol in BUSS2502/BUSS6504 Paris Placement Program.

How much credit will I receive towards my degree?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive up to 12 credit points towards your degree. The Paris Placement Program is an elective unit only for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and cannot contribute towards a major/specialisation.

You are responsible for your own degree progression and must have room within your degree to do this program as an elective. Your study plans must conform to the relevant degree and faculty resolutions that are applicable to you. Please read the student responsibilities statement on the current students website to ensure you understand those responsibilities.

How is the unit of study different?

The unit of study is the same as other units you have completed in that you will have a unit of study coordinator, Blackboard site, timetabled classes, assessments etc. The unit of study works in conjunction with your industry placement.

Are there assessments in the unit of study?

Yes, the unit of study has assessment tasks to develop your ability to apply theoretical knowledge gained in your degree to a practical business application. Further details on assessment can be found in the unit of study outline.

How is my final mark for the unit assessed?

Your final mark is the culmination of all academic assessments completed throughout the unit of study.

Can the unit of study contribute towards to my major/specialisation?

No, IPP is an elective unit only for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and cannot contribute towards a major/specialisation.

Students are responsible for their own degree progression and must have room within their degree to do IPP as an elective. We strongly recommend that you check with the Student Centre to assess whether there is scope in your degree for this unit.

Can I enrol myself directly into the unit of study?

No, this unit requires departmental permission.

Can I exceed a standard semester full time load in order to participate?

No. The maximum number of concurrent units of study for a successful IPP student is limited to 4 (24 credit points), including the IPP unit of study. It is possible to participate in the summer program intensive unit of study which will be completed prior to semester commencing and then enrol in another 4 units.

Can I overload my degree in order to participate in the Industry Placement Program?

No. You must have 12 credit points of elective units of study available in your degree to participate in the Paris Industry Placement Program. You will not be approved to overload your degree in order to enrol into the Industry Placement Program.


How long is the placement?

The placement will occur over a period of six weeks. You will work with your host organisation five days a week, Monday to Friday. The hours will be determined by the host organisation and will be agreed to prior to commencement of the placement.

How is my placement organised?

Placements are limited, competitive and cannot be guaranteed. Placements are arranged on a best-fit basis, where the needs of the organisation and the student are carefully compared and matched based on considerations such as major/specialisation, the placement outline and the organisational culture. If, due to unforeseen circumstances the initially confirmed placement falls through, the Business School will endeavour to find an alternative in order to meet the unit of study learning requirements.

What kind of organisation would I be working for?

Placements are available in public and/or private sector organisations.

What do I do during my placement?

Tasks will be agreed to at the outset of the placement and will vary between organisations.

Will I be assigned tasks or to a department specifically related to my degree?

Not necessarily. However, the placement should be considered as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn new skills.

Do I get paid for my placement?

Placements are not paid, however you will receive up to 12 credit points towards your degree upon successful completion of all requirements of the unit of study.

Can I receive academic credit for my placement?

Yes. The placement is a significant component of the compulsory unit of study BUSS2502/BUSS6504 Paris Placement Program, which upon successful completion will be credited towards the elective component of your degree. This unit of study cannot count towards a major/specialisation.

What should I do to prepare for the placement?

Attend the compulsory pre-departure sessions at The Business School. You should also undertake independent research about French culture, traditions and customs, local weather and conversion rates. Upon being notified of your placement, you should conduct research about the organisation.

How is this program different to other internships?

The Industry Placement Program differs from other internships or work experience programs by complementing your placement experience with a unit of study. The unit of study serves to increase your critical thinking about your placement experience and is designed to enhance your other studies both during and beyond your degree.

The development of employability skills gained during this program may put you in a favourable position when applying directly for summer internships, graduate positions etc.

Can I choose who I do my placement with?

No. When you apply you are applying to be accepted into the program as opposed to a specific host organisation. The match between student and host organisation will be made by the Business School and based on considerations such as your major/specialisation, the project brief and the organisational culture.

If you decide not to take the placement you have been matched with then no further placement will be sourced and the opportunity will be offered to another student.

Can I change my placement to another company or department?

No – once your placement has been confirmed it can’t be changed. If you are not happy with the company or department you have been matched with then no further placement will be sourced and the opportunity will be offered to another student.

My friend has been placed with a better company than me, can I go there?

No – students are not able to choose or change the company they have been placed with. All placements offer a valuable experience to develop your skills and build your professional networks.

Can I undertake a placement without completing the unit of study?

No, it is a condition of participation that all students will undertake the relevant unit of study and complete all academic requirements.


Is accommodation provided for the entire duration of the program?

Yes. Student accommodation will be provided in Paris.

Do I have to stay in the accommodation arranged by The Business School?

Yes. All students must stay in the accommodation provided by The University of Sydney Business School. This is a requirement of the course. Students are not permitted to stay with family or friends or to otherwise arrange their own accommodation.

Fees and scholarships

What is the closing date for the payment of the program fees?

Full program fee payment is due by close of business on 25 May 2018.

What do the program fees cover?

The program fees cover the SciencesPo unit of study fee and accommodation. In addition, the normal tuition fee associated with a unit of study at the Business School will be charged through the normal University billing process for BUSS2502/BUSS6504. Students are also liable for additional costs including: return airfares, food and entertainment and any other associated costs.

Note: the program package fee is quoted in € Euros, as the majority of the costs covered under this fee are payable in € Euros. However, the final amount payable will be in Australian dollars and the exchange rate will be determined one week before the deadline for the final fee payment.

How do I pay my program fees?

Payments can be made via the University online payment system. Details will be provided closer to the payment due dates.

Can I use FEE-HELP to defer payment of the unit of study fees?

Eligible local students can elect to defer their fees for the BUSS2502/BUSS6504 Paris Placement Program unit only, through the Australian Government's FEE-HELP scheme.

Can I cancel my application?

Yes you can. Please refer to the Program Conditions for further details.

How do I cancel my application?

Applications to withdraw from the Paris Placement Program must be received in writing and lodged with the University of Sydney Business School Careers and Employability Office. Please refer to the Program Conditions for further details.

Will I get a refund of all of my fees?

Please refer to the Program Conditions for further details.

Do I need to submit a separate application to be considered for a scholarship?

A separate application is not required. You should complete the field on the application form relating specifically to scholarships. You must complete this at the time of application as late requests will not be considered. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on merit and leadership or equity and merit and evidence will be required to support your application.

Will any full scholarships be offered?

Only partial scholarships will be offered. Before applying to the program, you should ensure that you have the financial means to support yourself for the duration of the program.

When will I be notified if I was successful in acquiring a scholarship?

Successful applicants will be notified as soon as the scholarships package is finalised.

For up to date information, refer to the Industry Placement Program


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Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Careers and Employability Office
University of Sydney Business School

Phone: +61 2 8627 6877
Room 202 H69 – Codrington Building
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