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File Storage

Your personal directory ("P:" drive)

The "P:" drive is your personal directory providing storage on the student server. You have personal disk space of 50 MB on the P:\ drive.

You can access the "P:" drive from Business School computer labs or by using remote access when off campus or in university access labs.

For back-up purposes, we recommend that you store your work files on the "P:" drive, and then transfer the files to a USB memory stick when you are finished.

Do not save files on the desktop of Business School computers.

Shared directory ("R:" drive)

As an alternative to Blackboard, "unit of study" folders may be offered on the student server of the Faculty network. The "datafile" area or "R:" drive is where lecturers may store files for student use. These files are stored in subject folders and have data files or exercises for use during tutorial sessions in the Labs.

To access the files in the Business School computer labs you will need to start the appropriate software and use the File Open option to locate the files on the "Datafile ..\... (R:)" folder. You can also access the "R:" drive by using remote access when off campus or in university access labs.

Using USB Memory Sticks

You can insert your memory stick into any PC in the Business School lab, Windows should automatically pick up your device and assign a drive letter to it. Usually, it will be designate as a "Removable Disk" in "My Computer". You then can work with the drive just like another local hard drive.

When the LED on the flash drive is on it indicates it is in standby mode. When the LED flickers it is in read/write mode- do not unplug the memory stick whilst the light is flicking.

If, when you insert your memory stick, the computer goes through a hardware detection process & says something like you don't have administrative privilege to install the device, check if your device has any other integrated device that Windows detects as extra device. If this is the case, it’s recommended that you swap it with a standard USB flash drive. Remember that students can not install anything on the Faculty lab PCs. If you believe that you are using the standard device and the above message still comes up, report the problem to the IT helpdesk for further investigation.

Unplugging memory sticks

If, when you unplug the USB drive from the PC, Windows shows the warning message "Unsafe Removal of Device" this means you unplugged the device without stopping it, and this may cause the computer to crash or lose/corrupt your data. The proper operation is as follows:

Hover the mouse on the symbol circled above, you will see the little pop up "Safely Remove Hardware" message. Left click once on the pop up message, you will see another pop up "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device - Drive(E)" message. Then unplug the flash drive from the USB port.

Note: Different drive letter may be assigned to the USB drive.