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Troubleshooting - Blackboard Login

>>Login to Blackboard for the Business School

Are you having problems logging into Blackboard?

Please activate your Business School computer account online, or at one of two account activation terminals located outside the Faculty IT helpdesk in the Economics and Business Building (H69).

This is not only for new students, if you are experiencing problems logging into Blackboard reactivate your Business School computer account.

Login Check

  1. 'Caps Lock' is not turned on.
  2. Login using your Unikey account name (e.g. etan4358) and your Unikey password.
  3. You must have activated your password once per semester for this to work. After login you will see the page which states all the Units of Study that you are enrolled in (according to Staff and Student Services) and that have associated Blackboard sites.
  4. Changes to your enrolment details are updated on Blackboard nightly.