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Troubleshooting - Printing

Printing options

Printing credit refund

Why I can't print my lecture notes or assignments from Blackboard?

Don't try to print directly from the internet browser. Save (download) the files first as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to your P: drive or to your own USB drive before printing them off.

I try to print and nothing comes out of the printers

There are two possibilities. Either you don't have enough printing credit or you (or someone else) are printing a really big file that is causing a bottleneck at the printer. If the first applies to you, just top up your credit and try printing again. If there are a lot of people trying to print large files on the network printer, you need to wait for each print job to come out.

If your printing credit is deducted and the control panel on the printer says "Press the GO button to continue" this is because you didn't select the correct paper size when you printed. Just press the GO button on the printer and the printout should come out. Next time, you should check and make sure that A4 paper size is selected, not letter size.

I try to print but only one page comes out at a time, and the "Data" LED indicator on the printer control panel keeps blinking green

When the "Data" LED indicator keeps blinking green it indicates that the printer is printing out a print job but that it is just very slow. In this case, don't keep pressing the "Print" button again and again. That just keeps queuing up your print jobs and deducting credit from your printing account.

This may be an indication that there's something wrong with the file you are trying to print. Make sure you download or save the file first and print from within the application, not from the browser. If you already saved the file and the same things still happens, then try to copy the content of the file and paste it to the new file and save it as a new file. Then try to print again.

I try to print but the first page comes out displaying some kind of syntax error, and then the rest are just blank pages

This could due to a printer driver problem. The printer driver that has been installed in the Business School lab PCs is usually the latest driver and it should work in most applications. However, it's still possible that there are still some fonts and graphics which are too complex for the current printer driver to understand. Try to copy the content of the file and paste it to a new document and print again. This may solve the problem. If you have tried this suggestion but still get the same result, please send a copy of the file to the Business School IT Helpdesk for further investigation.

I try to print but there's always a Windows dialog box coming up. Why is this?

This is a new feature of the printing system. You must respond to this message by selecting either "Print" or "Cancel". Don't just log off when the above screen appears on the screen. Failing to select "Print" or "Cancel" will cause problems for you later on, or for the next person who uses this PC.

The printer is out of paper, what can I do?

Make sure the printer really is out of paper. By pressing the green button on the printer, the printer may just need prompting to switch paper trays. A staff member from Business School IT checks the printers 3 times a day (morning, midday, and late afternoon) to check/replace paper and toner. Outside of these times, report the matter to the Business School IT Helpdesk.

Printing options

Can I select & print to another printer if I want to?

Yes, if you are in these computer labs (H69 - Labs 1 & 5, or H04 - 176). Check which printer you are printing to by looking at the printer name from the printer list when you print. Then you can select the next one from the list to print to it. The printer names can be identified clearly on each physical printer in the labs. You have no choice of printer selection when printing in the small labs where there's only one printer.

Can I print duplex or double sided?

Yes, but it will cost you 20c per page instead. Go to printer "Properties" --> select "Finishing" and tick "Print On BothSides" box and then "OK" --> Then click "Print"

How can I print multiple slides per page in PowerPoint?

Go to "File" --> "Print" --> select "Handouts"instead of "Slides" under "Print what" field --> then specify howmany slides per page under the "Handouts" field --> "OK" to print.

What can I do if there's paper jammed in the printer?

Don't touch or take out any paper tray and attempt to remove the paper jam yourselves. This may cause more damage. Report the problem straight away to the Business School IT Helpdesk and someone will be there soon to fix the problem. Remember to note the location and printer name when you report the problem.

Note: Don't try to grab or catch the paper while it's still in the process of printing. This will cause paper jams. Wait for the print outs to be completely ejected.

Are there scanners and colour printers in the Business School labs?

There is a colour printer located opposite computer lab 5 next to the express terminals in H69 building. Students can only print to this colour from any lab in H69 building. The cost for colour printing is 50c/page (A4 size). Make sure you select the right printer before clicking on the OK to send your print job to a printer.

The scanners are normally in H04, Room 176, which are connected to P's 46 & 48

Printing credit

How & where can I pay credit for printing?

You can pay at the Computer Access Lab counter on the 2nd floor of the Fisher library. If you have a creditcard, you can also pay online at You may notice that the printing cost might be slightly different in various locations. The cost for printing in the Business School computer labs is 10c/page.

Can I get printing credit refund due to user errors?

No. The only refund you can get back is if the printer is out of toner or if a paper jam has occurred. To get a printing refund, just go to the Business School IT Helpdesk with some printouts as proof and request a refund. If we do provide a refund it is only usable for printing within the Business School Computer Labs and not elsewhere such as the Library or for internet access (i.e. it is not a refund into your UniKey balance).

Use print preview or just print the first couple of pages as a test to make sure the printouts are what you are expecting. The following explains some printing options you can check first before pressing the "Print" button:

In Word: The "Zoom, pages per sheet"option from "File --> Print" dialogue box might not print multiple pages per sheet as expected. You need to go to "Properties" button next to printer name, then click on "Finishing" and specify how many pages per sheet here, then "OK" to print

Sometimes, documents downloaded from Blackboard or created at home may not have the correct printer paper tray selected (it should be Automatic or Default) & paper size set to letter (it should be A4). Save the document first and then check these settings in "File -->Page Setup --> Paper --> Paper size" menu option before printing.

In Excel spreadsheets: Use print preview to ensure that you are not printing blank sections of the worksheet. To set the print area in a worksheet, highlight the section that you want,and then use the "File, Print Area, Set Print Area" option in Excel. If the spreadsheet is downloaded from Blackboard or internet, save it first and use print preview before printing.

In PDF file: When you open a PDF file from Blackboard or from the internet, make sure you click the "Print" button from within the PDF application, not from the internet browser itself.

In PowerPoint: When you want to print multiple slides per page, make sure you select "Handouts" instead of "Slides" from the "File --> Print" menu option.